How to choose the best smart smart text tracking apps for iPhone? Today we are taking a close look at some of the best text tracking apps for iOS on the market today. We will cover how they function and what their purposes are; we will also review five popular apps so you are guaranteed to find the perfect tracking app to suit your specific needs. Enjoy!

In particular, we will look at text message tracking apps, as there were 2.098 billion text messages sent in the United States in 2019 alone, and therefore it’s one of the single most popular options for communication.

Text Tracking Apps Explained

In case you are not aware, text message tracking apps are designed to monitor the different text messages that are sent and received on the phone where the app is installed. Sometimes it will be visible to the target, while other times, it can be hidden away, so they will not be aware.

Today we are covering apps tracking text messages and monitoring social media conversations, such as WhatsApp, TikTok, or Instagram. While many people communicate via social platforms, a whopping 59% of people still don’t want to communicate through a separate messaging app and prefer using SMS, i.e., text messaging.

This is good news for parents who wish to monitor a child using text messages, for businesses monitoring employees, or for a bunch of other reasons.

How the Technology Behind Text Message Tracking Apps Work on iPhone

In general, the basic technology most text tracking apps for iPhone use is a keylogger and screenshot snaps to retrieve text messages, call history, and other essential information.

Some of the more advanced text tracking apps also spy on apps; often, you will also be able to track famous ones such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Depending on the text tracking app, it will often be possible to use it in a background mode, which means the user of the phone or device will not be aware the app is currently running.

Other apps also have features such as determining GPS location, screen recording, streaming, and other monitoring options to allow the discerning parent or employee to track every activity. In this article we will discuss, how to choose smart text tracking apps for iphone.

List of smart text tracking apps for iPhone

Luckily there are several text tracking apps for iPhone of high quality available on the app store. We have found the 5 most popular ones and tested them all out to find out if they deliver on their promise, how easy they are to use, and just how well they work to track text messages in real scenarios.

uMobix – Best Text Tracking App for iPhone with a Free Demo

tracking text app

uMobix is a powerful tracking app that not only tracks text messages but also has the option of monitoring incoming and outgoing calls, complete with timestamps and caller details. And if that was not enough, features even include the possibility of tracking activity in a large number of popular apps, such as:

  • Telegram
  • Kik
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • TikTok
  • and many more.

Among free text tracking apps, the uMobix solution works in real time, meaning you can monitor the activities of your child, employee, or another user without worrying about missing something or not seeing something in time. This even includes GPS locations to always keep track of where the people in your life are gathered.

You do not need to be a technical genius to use the app either. It takes just a few minutes to install and set up the solution once it has been downloaded, and their pricing model is highly competitive, often much cheaper than the other similar apps available.

Spyier – Stealthy App for Tracking Texts and Browsing History

app for tracking text messages on iphone

Spyier is another popular app on the market that, while on the pricier end of a subscription-based payment model, still has more than a million users worldwide. The tool markets itself as being stealthy and secure, with the option to track locations, calls, text messages, and even specific apps.

As Spyier works on any tablet or phone, it should be easy to use in a corporate setting since your employees can be using an old Android phone or the latest iPhone and still just use the same one app. You will also get access to their browsing history, which can be beneficial when trying to understand their motivations or certain decisions in real life.

As far as apps for tracking text messages go, we have certainly seen worse apps than Spyier, but on the other hand, there is not anything, in particular, that seems to be unique for this app.

iKeyMonitor – Free Text Tracking App to Easily Monitor Basic Features Like Text and Calls

text message tracking app for android

This app falls into the category of apps for tracking text messages and phone calls, and as the name suggests, it also allows users to log keystrokes and more. Today this software is marketed as being a parental control app, with its main focus being protecting kids and families from bullies, stalkers, and other negative influences.

Apart from being able to track messages, phone calls, and which websites the owner of the device is browsing, there are also options to block certain apps or websites and a built-in function that will keep track of how much screen time is allowed on a daily or weekly basis. This makes it easy for parents to set up rules for their children.

All in all, iKeyMonitor seems to be a decent choice for parents looking to monitor and protect their children from the most common issues online, as well as provide peace of mind with regard to GPS locations when their child is not at home.

SpyBubble – Great Option for a Complete Tracking App

are text apps traceable

SpyBubble is a popular tracking app that works with all the popular communication apps, such as basic text messaging (SMS) built into almost every phone in the world, as well as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook, to name just a few. This makes SpyBubble a powerful app that can be installed on any device that uses iOS or Android.

Like many other text tracking apps, SpyBubble also offers real-time GPS tracking for worried parents looking out for their children. Another clever feature is the access you get to the media folders on the device, meaning you can keep track of images and videos that are stored on the phone or tablet.

The app is fairly easy to use, requiring a subscription to unlock all the features. Once the software has been installed on the target user’s device, you will need to set up a few specific settings, which take a few minutes, and once that is done, you are ready to start tracking activity.

XNSPY – Quality Text Tracking Features in a Beautiful Design

how to choose a smartphone quiz

This last app on our list might be one of our personal favorites. As soon as you visit their website, it becomes clear that this business is serious about its customers. XNSPY is equipped with a full suite of features, including text message tracking, phone call logging, and GPS location monitoring.

But the team behind XNSPY also heavily invested in providing a high level of customer service, offering parents that are not tech savvy an easy introduction to the world of parental control apps. You might not need to contact customer service, though, as the software is incredibly simple to install and use, onboarding you as you install and configure the tool.

With the unique XNSPY analytical features, it is even possible to get an overview of the target’s browsing patterns and see who they call or text the most; with 24/7 notifications, you will never miss another important event again.


As you can read, you will need to look at the pros and cons of each app, in particular, to find out whether your exact needs are met. Keep in mind that there can be certain rules for using a phone tracker app without permission in your country or state, so do your research before installing hidden apps. Hope you can choose smart text tracking apps for iPhone.

Today we have looked at a good selection of features and concepts allowing you to make your decisions with confidence. If you cannot find a single app that meets all your criteria, you might be able to use two different ones.

These apps can help you keep an eye on your texts, and they can even provide some extra features like blocking unwanted texts or spam. So if you’re ready to get started, then read on to find out more about the best text tracking apps for iPhone. Have fun!

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