What is a video game character design?

A number of crucial aspects make up a video game.

It’s the gameplay itself, the game world, and the audiovisual presentation.

But one of the most important items on that list is game design character development.

How to make video game character design?

The primary goal of creating characters for a video game is to ensure that players can interact with them at an intricate level through the way they talk, act, and sound.

Character design aims to make these characters engaging, iconic, and memorable.

With good character design games become more immersive and feel alive.

Character designers create the entire concept of a character, its style, visual appearance, and personality from scratch. This allows them to use every element of design to create a unique character.

This means that every aspect of a character such as shapes, color palettes, and details is chosen for a specific reason.


The role of a designer in video game character development

A character designer for video games creates an appearance and the personality of a character based on a script given by a director.

The script might include notes on a character’s personality as well as physical traits.

A concept is an inspiration for a designer.

Using it, a designer tries to define a character’s personality through the artwork of facial expressions and physical poses.

Moreover, a designer creates a relevant fashion style for the character and elaborates on their anatomy.

There’s not just one design the artist creates.

In fact, a designer usually presents multiple designs for a single character.

An artist adjusts them according to the director’s feedback to achieve a result they are happy with.

Once a design has been approved, an artist creates a ‘model sheets’ that shows a character from multiple angles.

The final design will be used at the next stage of the video game character development process.

Depending on the style of the game, model sheets are passed to either 3D modelers or 2D animators.

Character designers will often have a degree in graphic art, fine art, illustration, or a related discipline.

The vital thing is that a designer must demonstrate very strong drawing skills, talent, creativity, and a wide knowledge of and love for animation.

Character design is a complex process.

If you want to create an iconic and memorable character, you can entrust this work to a Character Design Studio | RSG.


The basic principles of character design

Computer game character design can make or break the game.

But what makes good character design?

There are three fundamental components: silhouette, palette, and exaggeration.

While there are other details a designer must consider, these three elements are often at the core of what makes a character design memorable or completely forgettable.

A memorable character can be easily recognized just by its silhouette.

A silhouette is what is left when you remove all colors and details and fill the outline of the character shape solely with black.

The language of shape provides viewers with quick and undoubtedly associations with the personality of a character.

In addition to shapes, character designers use the language of color.

In creating a color palette, selectivity is a key.

The last thing you want is a character full of countless colors with no hierarchy or intentional use of palette.

This will end up distracting players rather than engaging them.

There is usually a dominant color and the other colors that support it.

And last but not least is the exaggeration.

It utilizes specific characteristics to purposely provoke emotional responses from players.

All in all, exaggeration is what makes the connection with the character even stronger.

Following the basic principles will help you create the best game character design.


How to make video game character design?

When you create your own video game character, you want to make them well-rounded and complex.

Here are the main steps of a video game character design process:

1. Figure out a backstory. A backstory is essential to build a good character.

Define the character’s history, as well as the relationships with others and the world around them.

It can help you better understand the character.

2. Define the character traits. Make a list of your character’s quirks, mannerisms, and anything else that makes them special.

It will make your character feel like a real person.

Make sure the traits make sense for the personality you’re building.

3. Create a character’s aesthetic. The character’s appearance should complement everything created before.

In addition, the features should match the world you’ve created.

Aesthetic contributes to the overall essence of the character and can help immerse the player even deeper into the game narrative.


Wrap up

Hope now you know how to make video game character design.

Good character design is essential for creating an immersive and engaging video game experience.

By ensuring that characters are well-designed, players can become more invested in the game world and the story.

Character designers play a crucial role in making video games more enjoyable and memorable.

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