In today’s world, most economic activities commence online, from marketing the newly launched product to providing services to people. The Internet has given people an Omni shopping experience as now consumers are more inclined toward e-shopping, reading E-books, pursuing online education, and using e-banking for their money matters.

The integration of technology has indeed eased people’s lives. Similarly, the E-book revolution has provided an easy alternative to traditional paperback books. Now one can easily read them anywhere.

Digital marketers are using E-books’ popularity to their advantage, and today, eBooks have become an effective online content marketing technique. E-books are widely and easily accessible, and businesses can use them to promote their expertise.

Visually appealing yet informative eBooks get consumers’ attention and do not hesitate to invest time and money. eBooks can put authors ahead of their competitors. They increase users’ engagement, enhance brands’ visibility, and persuade readers to buy more books from the writer.

E-books are potent content marketing tools, but marketers need to be vigilant while promoting maximum reach.

The following are some online marketing techniques to promote eBook  

Establish Target Audience

Establishing a target audience should be the first step in creating a marketing strategy. When it comes to online marketing, it becomes even more necessary as social media algorithms and other Internet platforms display promotional messages as per the demographics.

Supposedly, your E-books deals in youth-related issues; you can install software and feed the age bracket in it. Your target audience will get exposure to your eBooks while they surf the Internet for their regular tasks. Authors are struggling to find an easy way of creating an electronic version of their books for promotional purposes.

Microsoft Word is widely used writing software and offers a plethora of features. E-book writers often inquire about how to create an eBook in Word, whether it is a convenient option or not.

Well, we can assure you that MS Word has a user-friendly interface, which provides you with multiple styles to format your E-book easily. Moreover, you can use a reference tool to create a table of contents with a design template for numerous use. That will save you time, and you can, in turn, focus more on the content.

Create An Email List

As an author, your target is to create more sales for your book. That means you must maintain a private email list of people. As much as you want people to download your E-book and read your content, sending unsolicited emails is not a good idea.

Sending such emails may backfire and might have the opposite effect. Not everyone likes to receive promotional emails or messages and to get such emails puts them off. For marketing, you can use your email list to gain more subscribers and enhance readers’ engagement.

Launch Giveaways

Giveaways have been a beneficial marketing technique, and you can use the same for promoting your E-book. Short-term promotions to influencers have a substantial impact.

They have a fan following who trust their words and often act accordingly. If you are a new author, readers may be skeptical about purchasing your book.

As an author, you need to make them believe that they are in for a treat. They may not trust your words, but if some influencer endorses your eBook, that will make them buy it. Another way is to give your first book free of cost.

Giving your first book free will earn readers’ trust and make them your long-term customers. An exciting way of launching a giveaway for an eBook is by asking people to share your promotional posts on social media and expand your reach.

Display Ads On Websites

Various social media platforms and other websites provide clients with an estimated reach and an idea about their Ads’ impact. Having an idea beforehand helps you assess the budget, and you can devise the marketing strategy accordingly.

Displaying Ads on popular websites is a fantastic way of increasing your book’s visibility. More people get exposure to your promotional messages. Search engines are the best option as people tend to turn towards them even for their slight problems.

Popup ads are the most impactful, but you need to be creative while using them as a marketing strategy. Ensure that your Ads do not become a nuisance to the public, as it will have the opposite effect. People will report your E-book, and search engines may blacklist you.

Guest Contributions

Internet marketing can be a collaborative venture. Authors can strategize it smartly to make it a win-win situation for the parties involved. Writing blogs or few sentences post and allowing other websites to publish is another brilliant way to promote eBook.

Linkbuilding using anchor text has proven to be a powerful digital marketing tool for many businesses. You can do the same for your eBook. To do so, search for your niche’s related blogs and write for them, as their regular users might be interested in your book.

In the conclusion part of the post, you can give a link to your book.

Be Innovative With Promotional Strategies

Marketing is a creative process, and when it comes to creativity, there is no right and wrong. You can be smart with your marketing strategies and plan your content marketing process while considering the latest trends and your budget.

A multi-author box set is another win-win strategy, where a reader gets exposure to a new author. Use your eBook’s blurb for promotion and create intriguing synopsis, which develops readers’ urge to purchase and download your eBook.

Answer Your Readers’/Customers’ Queries

Internet is a great platform, and it has made it possible for readers to convey their emotions to the writers. Not every reader would agree with your opinion, and many may have several questions.

As a marketing strategy, make sure to facilitate readers’ queries while displaying civility. A nasty internet troll can make you want to reply in the same manner.

Still, you can use it as an opportunity and respond in a way that wins other readers. Having a question-answer session is brilliant for strengthening bonds with readers.


E-books are trending right now as according to PEW Research Center, the number of digital readers has increased to 7% in the US, while 28% of adults read digital and print books both.

Experts say that this trend is here to stay as the ease of carrying your book anywhere and continuing it reading without holding a book has made people turn towards E-books.

Thus, by using smart marketing techniques, you can promote ebook and boost up your E-book sales substantially!

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