How to sell eBooks on my website in this era of artificial intelligence?

For those who build niche sites, their primary income model is Amazon Affiliate.

There are many things we can do to diversify our income.  One of the best options I found is to sell e-books from my own website.

So, let’s see what are the steps to create an e-book and how to sell my eBook on my website.


Generating ideas

The most important step in creating a successful e-book is deciding what the book will be about.

eBooks of almost all subjects are sold.

But in health, fitness, food, recipes, online marketing niches are very popular.

E-book sales are the highest.  You can find many ideas by typing “Niche + Books” or “Niche + eBooks” on Google or Amazon.

In between, you need to find out which topics suit your website’s audience and which books are easy to create.  Some niche ideas could be-

  • Bass fishing books
  • Running nutrition books
  • Deer hunting books
  • Fly fishing books
  • Mountain climbing books

Here there are some cheat codes for you. Such books are always found in more or less all niches.

  • Niche + for Beginners
  • Niche + 101
  • Niche + Tips and Tricks
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your + Niche

But the idea is not everything, right?  You need to know if your book will actually sell after it’s made.

That’s why you have to see how the sales of your books on that topic are, how are the ratings, how are the reviews.

Creating content for e-Books

Now it’s time to select a writer for your e-book.  Only your website writers can do this.

But be careful if you are creating an eBook on a very technical subject.

For example, Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners book is definitely not written by someone who has never written on Amazon affiliate.

You can find e-book writers on such technical topics on Facebook Groups, Subreddits, LinkedIn etc.

How big your e-book will be, what chapters will be there, how your competition e-books are written etc.

Must be discussed with your writer in advance.  Your writer can give you many new suggestions that can make your e-book stand out from the crowd.

Pro tip

Don’t forget to link to the various content on your website that are related to your eBook.

This will bring many people back to your website.

E-book design

how to sell my ebook on my website

eBook Design

After your e-book topic selection, the most important thing is to design an attractive cover image for your e-book.

Your cover image will play a very important role in conversion.  Fiverr is great for this job.

You can create your e-book format and cover image within budget.

But if your budget is better you can check out 99designs.

Landing page creation

Now it’s time to create a separate landing page for your eBook.  We all are more or less familiar with Landing Page.  A Perfect Landing Page will have these things:

  • Catchy title
  • Why this book is different.
  • What are the chapters in this book?
  • Author introduction and why he is mature on this topic.
  • Customer reviews
  • 2-3 calls to action

In all page builders you will find landing page for readymade eBooks.  You can easily do it yourself with a little rubbing.  You can get some ideas here.

E-book Distribution

Well, you made the e-book with a lot of difficulty. Now if someone buys it, how can you send it to him?

Will you go home?  We need a system to automatically get the book when our customer buys it even if we are asleep.

For this there are many services in the market- But I like Sendowl the most.

Its primary reasons are-

Sendowl does not charge any commission from book sales.

You can integrate your Payment Processors (PayPal, Stripe etc.) through Sendowl.

Sendowl will provide security for your eBooks like PDF stamping and limited downloads.

Also Send owl has many upgraded facilities like affiliates, discounts, cart abandonment, upsells.

Alternative Services:


Still, you might be thinking, how to sell eBooks on my website? There are many ways to promote an e-book, but here are a few of them.

Free way -1

Place your eBook Landing Page link on your website where visitors will notice it.

That’s why you can create a banner with your e-book cover image in the highlighted menu in the navigation bar or in the sidebar.

If your website is built on a specific topic and has good traffic, you will automatically get a lot of sales without any extra effort.

Free Way -2

Email list: You may have heard the term sales funnel before.  You can create a very simple funnel to sell your eBook.  For this you need to create a short free eBook which you will use as a lead magnet.

Paid Way – Facebook Retargeting

You can easily bring the visitor to the e-book landing page by installing the Facebook pixel on your site.  But lately Facebook bot messenger is giving quite good conversion.

Some last tips

You can publish the book on Amazon kindle for free by uploading the pdf, cover image of your eBook.

Many people will ask if they can get a hard copy of the book from the eBook, in which case you can give them the Amazon link, Amazon will print the book for you and send it to them.

As you know, Amazon will therefore deduct printing costs and commissions from the price of your book.

So, the book which is being sold from your website need not be published on kindle, it is better to list it for hard copy.

But yes, your book won’t sell that much from Amazon unless you invest in Amazon PPC.

So now you have the answer to the question – How to sell eBooks on my website.

A small effort to let everyone know that a separate income stream can be created by creating eBooks alongside Amazon.  If you have any problem to understand, you can comment.

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