Nowadays, the demand for video production and video editing continues to grow as a means of advertising marketing, branding, and communication, regardless of company orindividual.

However, many people are not able to buy expensive video editing software in-house and learn how to use it. So usually you have to outsource to a specialist. If anyone can easily make a video without any skill, you don’t have to pay a high outsourcing fee. Try FlexClip Video Maker. It may be possible to reduce outsourcing costs. Here we will discuss how to use flexclip.

Normally, video production and video editing require expensive specialized software and highly specialized skills, but with FlexClip, no one needs skills, and you can easily create high-quality videos for all purposes in a short time. Let’s see how to use it.

Create video with flexclip

What you can do with FlexClip

There are many video editing software available, from expensive professional ones to free ones. But they all have in common that it takes time and experience to learn how to use them unless you have that as your main business or your hobby is video editing.

FlexClip is designed to allow people to create the video content they need on their own without the high expense. It is a browser-based video production tool and it works lightly on the browser without the need to install the software on the PC. In addition, FlexClip covers a wide range of corporate and personally produced video content.


・ Product explanations, presentation videos, tutorials, reviews, etc.

・ Internally shared videos, e-learning videos

・ SNS advertising videos (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Individuals :

・ Lifestyle videos (celebration, travel)

・ Slideshows (birthday, wedding, family)

・ Short movie content creation (TikTok, Snapchat, etc.)

However, although it is easy, at first glance, there is a possibility that you will be groping about the operation of FlexClip. In this article, we will walk through the step-by-step guide on how to use it.

FlexClip video maker

How to use FlexClip – Step-by-step

1. Create an account

First of all, we will create a FlexClip account, so click “Sign up/free” at the top right of the official website. Enter your email and password to sign up. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

2. Create with templates

You can start your project with the premade templates. Here you will find over 1,000 templates categorized for a variety of uses. You can easily check the image of the template thumbnail because the video and audio are played on the thumbnail just by hovering the cursor. When you press the “Customize” button, the edit screen for each part that makes up the template will be displayed. Here you can customize text, images, music, etc., based on the template.

3. Create a new project

If you want to create a new project, please select an edit mode from Storyboard and Timeline. You’d better use the storyboard mode if you are a beginner. Upload your clips and images, insert each element on the left side to complete the video. Let’s look at them in order.

4. Add media

From “Add Media,” you can add video and image material. There are the following three types of additional methods.

  • If you click “Stock Media” as the addition method, you can select and add from over 10,000 free materials of videos and images. The materials are categorized, making it easier to find the material you want. 
  • If you want to upload your own image or video material without using stock media, read it from “Local File.” You can also drag them. 
  • FlexClip comes with screen recording and camera recording features by default. This feature seems to come in handy as you don’t have to use a separate tool to record and the FlexClip is all you need to do.

5. Arrange media on the storyboard

If you trim each cut and preview it again throughout the video, you’ll notice that the cut seams are “just switch.” That’s fine, but depending on the scene, it may be better to add a specific effect at the joint of the cuts.

The transition application screen is displayed. There are many types, but the most commonly used effect is “fade.” You can preview the effect by hovering over each thumbnail. Try various things and if you like the effect, select it and press “Apply.”

  • Text

 There are two types of text, “simple text” and “dynamic text.” Animation is set in advance for “Dynamic text”. Just click the thumbnail and it will be applied to the preview screen.

  • Elements

Here you can add various graphic materials from 39 categories on top of videos and images with one click. The graphics come with nice animations from the beginning. 

  • Background

While “Media” mainly deals with videos and images, this “Background” is positioned as a collection of background materials suitable for handling text and graphic materials as the primary material.

  • Music

If you use the video templates, you’ll see the applied music. In the case of “Create in new project,” the “Music” section is empty unless the template is loaded. “To add a library music by pressing the button “stock music to open the” Let’s take a look at the wealth of music material. “Stock Music” has opened. You will be amazed at a large number of music materials available. It is categorized by category, and you can narrow down the candidates with the filter.

6. Export the video

At this point, I think the video is pretty much in shape. Let’s export after fine-tuning as a whole. Press “Export” on the top menu. The export screen opens. You can choose from 3 different resolutions, and there is a button called “Upgrade and Export” below. Now you may be wondering why you need an “upgrade” to export.

To sum up

Hope now you know how to use FlexClip. It is quite easy to use it, right? Now it is your turn to try it out. it’s a good idea to make several types of videos with the free plan and decide whether you can make the one with the quality you need. I hope this article helps you understand how to use FlexClip. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment.

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