iMovie is one of the best video editing applications in the industry. It comes with a ton of features for amateur and professional clips. However, there’s one drawback – it’s only available on iOS and macOS.

What if we told you there is an iMovie alternative for Windows? In fact, many applications pack similar features to create fantastic videos. Learn all about them below!

Why do you need an iMovie alternative for Windows?

When speaking of video editing software, iMovie is always at the top of the list. The application is simple, intuitive, and full of powerful features. Nevertheless, everything is changed by one drawback. It’s only available on iOS and macOS devices. Those are pretty expensive, and there’s no reason to buy them for the software.

Focusing on finding an app like iMovie for Windows is a must. Everyone needs top-notch, flawless videos. Luckily, there are many options that are sometimes even better than the original. We have prepared a list of the best alternatives for video editing.

7 best iMovie alternatives

Each app described in this section comes with a variety of features for all needs. While they might be a bit different from iMovie, the tools and interfaces are usually very similar. You’ll see a detailed review of each option.

●    Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is known as one of the best video editing solutions for Windows. This software is used to create commercials, movies, and all types of professional content. It has a polished interface that is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

If we speak of the tools, Adobe Premiere Pro can edit graphics and audio. Some features include complete color controls, animated titles, trimming and cropping footage, and many others. It’s a truly powerful application with unlimited potential.

The advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • A flexible interface;
  • Fast editing and video processing;
  • Great tools like stabilization, trimming, and more;
  • Limitless multicam angles.

The disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Not an option for beginners;
  • Some features will require the usage of additional software from Adobe;
  • The app does not include pre-installed sound effects;
  • Huge costs.

Adobe Premiere Pro is quite expensive, and it’s only available in a subscription model. During your free trial period, you can edit videos without getting watermarks. So, you can experience the full potential of the app without wasting time.

●    Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite could also be called the Windows version of iMovie. This software is suitable for all kinds of editors – from beginner to pro. You can use this app to create content for all social media, different types of amateur videos, and professional cuts. Its simplicity is the main pros.

This application comes with almost everything an editor might need. Improve the image quality, apply titles and fades, stabilize shots, and try out the chroma key – it’s the tip of the iceberg. Content creation gets much easier when all these are easy to use.

The advantages of Movavi Video Suite:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Multiple effects, transitions, and titles;
  • Supports various formats;
  • Good for all kinds of tasks.

The disadvantages of Movavi Video Suite:

  • Slow rendering;
  • No advanced trim modes;
  • Could use more free content in the library section.

Movavi Video Suite offers cheap subscription-based and lifetime licenses. Your content will have a watermark if you use the free trial. The app is a great choice for any editor because it will cover most of your routine videos.

●    Camtasia

Camtasia is an all-in-one video editor and screen recorder. The application can be suitable for amateurs and experienced videographers, depending on their needs. However, people mostly use it to create training videos, guides, and explainers.

Using Camtasia, you’ll be able to test many features like templates, presets, pre-built assets, green-screen effects, animations, and others. It also supports a PowerPoint integration. The application is a decent choice for your blog or YouTube channel.

The advantages of Camtasia:

  • Easy-to-learn;
  • Screen recording and editing in one app;
  • Cursor effects and interactivity features;
  • Superb customer service.

The disadvantages of Camtasia:

  • There are some bugs and crashes;
  • No keyframe tracking;
  • There may be exporting issues.

Camtasia isn’t free. There is a trial version during which all your videos will get a TechSmith watermark. The app is a decent choice for filmmakers of all levels because it helps with all sorts of animated content.

●    VideoPad

VideoPad is an interesting editing solution. It is well-known among experienced filmmakers for its visual effects and quality transitions. Nevertheless, beginners might get a bit confused, although the interface isn’t too tricky. The app is created for non-commercial use.

Among its many features, you can create GIFs, stabilize recordings, add captions, adjust playback speed, and export films in different formats. There also are many filters and transitions. However, you might be a bit disappointed by the audio editing tools, although this isn’t the main focus in VideoPad.

The advantages of VideoPad:

  • Supports different formats;
  • There are multiple tools for various tasks;
  • You can edit 360 videos;
  • It’s free.

The disadvantages of VideoPad:

  • Audio editing is quite confusing;
  • It takes ages to render a long video;
  • Minor bugs.

VideoPad is available for free and does not apply watermarks. If you want to use the application for ads and other profitable reasons, you will have to purchase the Master’s edition. Thus, it’s a great tool for personal and amateur content.

●    Filmora

Filmora is a popular tool that is famous for its simplicity and rich content library. The application is a good start for those who want to download iMovie for Windows – the software is very alike. It’s user-friendly and includes a whole pack of stuff for your content.

Some of the most popular features include motion tracking, keyframing, audio ducking, green screen, split-screen, color grading, and many others. In addition, the software will help you tailor content for any platform, be it Instagram or YouTube.

The advantages of Filmora:

  • Easy to use;
  • Many basic and advanced features;
  • Tune videos for any platforms;
  • Apply effects in a matter of clicks.

The disadvantages of Filmora:

  • The app could freeze during high-resolution editing;
  • Not enough shortcuts.

Filmora Wondershare comes in both a subscription and a one-time purchase model. In addition, there is a free version in which all content is marked with a watermark.  Generally, this is the right choice for beginners and amateurs.

●    WeVideo

WeVideo is another great iMovie alternative for Windows. It’s a prominent choice because you don’t have to download the application. Instead, all editing is done online in your browser. You can use it to create business, educational, and lifestyle videos.

If we check out WeVideo’s features, you’ll see plenty of built-in stock content, cross-platform availability, multiple templates, text controls, and others. Basically, this is more of a drag-and-drop constructor. It should take up to 5 minutes to create a video here.

The advantages of WeVideo:

  • The fastest and most effortless way to create a clip;
  • There are many stock materials and templates;
  • Good for different areas;
  • Easy to use.

The disadvantages of WeVideo:

  • Some features aren’t very intuitive;
  • Not enough tools for professional editing;
  • Processing speed depends on your bandwidth.

WeVideo provides its services in a subscription-based model. There a different plans with various features. With the free version, you get the bare minimum in tools. Also, there is a watermark on top of all your clips.

●    Animoto

Animoto is very similar to WeVideo. This service is easier to use, although you’d want to get to the previous one for a more professional approach. You can use the app to create promo videos, social media posts, congratulations, e-commerce reviews, and many other types of content.

The features are all you need for success. There is a huge stock library, multiple templates, 40 fonts, logos, trimming, cropping, and more! Also, you can use this service from mobile or desktop. It additionally optimizes videos for different platforms.

The advantages of Animoto:

  • Multiple stock materials;
  • No need to download the app;
  • Very simple interface;
  • Fast editing.

The disadvantages of Animoto:

  • Simplicity makes the app limited in editing features;
  • Might need more templates;
  • Not good for professional editing.

Animoto is available on a subscription-based model. There also is a free version that provides standard features and places a watermark on your videos. Generally, it’s a good option for newcomers in videography.

Do you need pro software for cool edits?

A common misconception is that you can only get powerful videos when using tricky programs. That’s not like it. If you are skilled enough, even the simplest software will help you create a masterpiece. Professional editing is a matter of taste and skill!

Beside iMovie for windows, all the uplisted alternatives for iMovie are more than enough to create any kind of video. Personal clips, social media cuts, professional films – there are plenty of features for each. Try them out now!

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