What is actually the impact of technology on branding? It is incontrovertible that technology has changed the way that people run their businesses. For the last two decades, we have had the internet, which means that we can trade on a worldwide scale. Since then, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of social media, which gives us 24-hour advertising opportunities.

More recently, there is experimental marketing, a new and upcoming type of marketing that will revolutionize the way companies think. Technology has been the gateway to many current businesses’ success and will aid the progress of many more in the future. Let’s learn the impact of technology on branding now.

But how has this changed the branding game?

There have been many ways that technology has changed the branding game, so to speak. It has changed the way that customers build brand association and brand image, which has altered the way that the general public sees businesses. They now see a business not as some faceless corporate entity, but as the shoes that their friend wears; or an Instagram account that uploads satisfying content that helps them sleep, or their preferred social media influencer’s favorite pair of jeans.

What makes social media so important?

One of the recurring items on that list was the mention of social media. Social media has become one of the key assets of any businesses. Social media sites are used all around the world, all the time, all day, every day. People share their life stories on their media pages. They follow friends family, celebrities, and industries. 

This is great for businesses. People are often exposed to what their friends like, and what they like themselves. This means that if someone follows your business, all of their friends are more likely to see mentions for your brand. This can also turn the algorithm in your favor, as sites with a larger following are more likely to make an appearance on someone’s explore page or feed. 

How does this impact a brand’s association and identity?

It impacts a brand’s association and identity in a really positive way. This is because when people see your brand’s logo, or your brand name, there are now multiple places that they could have seen it. They could have encountered it through a friend, or a social media influencer, or just on their feed.

This can help other areas of your business become more effective, too. For example, you might find that custom swag you give out to your employees works far etter as a marketing tool. A good way to explain this would be to use the example of truckers. Truckers, by the nature of their jobs, travel around the country to deliver your goods to stores. Whether they remain in your state or go to the opposite coast doesn’t particularly matter. Truckers will often make stops at fast-food chains and such to get their food, which means that they are going to be seen around a lot.

Even if they are just wearing one of your custom trucker hats, people around them are going to see your business logo, which means that the next time they see your business, it won’t be an entirely new idea to them. Some might go out of their way to learn more about your business. It even might be that they are already aware of your brand, and seeing them out and about might trigger a previous positive association.

This is a great publicity opportunity for your business because once it’s in a potential customer’s head, it’s in there for a very long time. Employee custom swag can be an excellent way to boost your business’s brand association and identity, especially with the aid of social media. 

What other kinds of technology have helped the ‘Branding game’?

There is one particular kind of technology that has helped every business on the planet. This is the cell phone. People always have their phones on them, meaning that they can access their social media at any time. They can also access the internet at any time, meaning that they could look up your business immediately. People will always have access to their emails too, meaning that they can check them wherever. Yet cell phones aren’t the only tech that can help you advertise to the general public. You can also use smartwatches to help you with experiential marketing. 

What is experiential marketing?

This kind of marketing is relatively new to the world of mainstream marketing, in a way that it is bursting with untouched potential. In simple terms, it is the use of an event to give customers an experience to talk about with their friends. This can be similar to guerrilla advertising. 

How can you use technology to help you with this?

Quite simply, the event can wholly be technology-based. Domes made of screens to help immerse your potential customers, or using Bluetooth to access people’s smartwatches to guide them through events are different potential marketing strategies that you could use. Technology is opening many doors for this kind of marketing and will continue to help pioneers through it in the future.

To wrap up

Technology has changed the branding game beyond recognition. Not only does it help to expand the reach of any business onto an international platform, but it can also help you reach customers at any time and at any place. This is, needless to say, very important, and very useful.

Technology has also made it easier for brands to be recognized, especially due to social media, which does a very good job of helping brands spread between friends and other contacts. It can also help marketing techniques such as employee custom swag make more of an impression due to the greater possibility of people already knowing your brand from the other sources mentioned already. Finally, it can also help new and upcoming marketing techniques, such as experiential marketing, which can help you immerse customers more completely, which can reinforce your brand’s identity even further. Technology has changed the branding game hugely, and it will continue to benefit businesses and companies for as long as it keeps on evolving. This is the impact of technology on branding.

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