With more than a billion users, Instagram is unarguably among the most popular social media platforms in the world, especially among those engaged in the fashion and lifestyle sectors.

According to CNN, a whopping 80% of Instagram users follow a business. As a result, brands in diverse industries like apparel, accessories, health and fitness, travel, cooking, wellbeing, and more are turning to Instagram to increase their reach and build connections with their target audiences.

With brands taking the time and the effort to post awesome visual content to impress their audiences, it is natural to think of using it on their websites to extract the maximum value.

The good thing is that integrating the Instagram feed on WordPress website is easier than one would assume because there are quite a few WordPress Instagram plugins available to do the job quickly and seamlessly. Two of the top picks:

Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

Spotlight represents one of the simplest solutions of adding the Instagram feed on WordPress website. With just a few clicks, you can connect multiple Instagram accounts and create as many feeds on your website as you desire.

You can use the live preview customizer to find out what you have designed before you proceed to embed it on your website. What’s more, you can even select a device from among phone, desktop, tablet, etc., for customizing the appearance of the feed to ensure you achieve the best responsiveness.

The plug-inoffers a lightbox option for seeing both photos and videos and offer several options even in the free version that will help marketers to boost user engagement. Website administrators can embed the feed on the website using either the shortcode or widget.

By using Spotlight Pro, the premium version, users have access to a lot many additional functionalities and features such as new layouts and options for customization as well as control over the process of creating custom feeds.

Some of the top reasons for considering the Spotlight plug-in include a convenient and simple setup process, largely due to the interactive live preview customizer function that permits feeds to be designed without having to leave the dashboard. Thanks to the option of point-and-click design, it is very easy to customize the feed. Even the free version of the plug-in includes a lightbox that can be used for displaying your photos and videos. Increasing engagement becomes easier with the help of the “Follow” and “Load more” buttons that can be included in any Instagram feed on the website. You can buy Instagram comments to help increase your engagement level when you are starting. Because of the smart dynamic loading and caching technology in the plug-in, the page loading time does not increase even when the feed is displayed.

WD Instagram Feed

Marketers get the ability to create a lovely Instagram gallery on their websites with the help of the versatile WD Instagram Feed plug-in. It is possible to have a lightbox with photo captions even in the free version of the plug-in.

The free version also offers options for the username as well as hashtag feeds, and browser layouts supporting both images and thumbnails. There is also support for adding an unlimited number of feeds to your website.

WB Instagram Feed plug-in is available in various versions right from “Personal” that supports only one domain to “Business” that supports up to three domains, and “Developer” that supports as many domains as you like.

However, if you want to have premium plugins or operate a web design business, it may be better to consider Instagram Feed WD Premium that has all the features of the other versions and also includes Web Dorado’s 60 premium WordPress plugins.

However, regardless of the version you choose to use, you get access to as many as four gallery views plus popup slideshows with unlimited feeds, special effects, advanced filtering for images, as well as awesome tools for customization of styles.

Even with the standard free version of WD Instagram Feed, you get full control over the way the feed appears on your website. You can also have the flexibility of adding feeds from multiple sources or even mixing posts from just one account. This flexibility is great for transforming your website into a visually appealing destination that can boost conversions and drive sales.


The kind of content that is posted on your Instagram account is usually far more interesting and vibrant and it makes sense to transfer that energy to your WordPress website.

With the website usually being the center of attention, adding the feed from one or multiple Instagram accounts makes eminent sense because then you have the freedom of monitoring the activity on your Instagram accounts without having to leave your website.

Using WordPress Instagram plugins, you can even respond to the comments by your Instagram followers and boost your engagement. By using these plugins, you can also add to your follower count more easily because now you need to promote only your website. Hope these ways / plugin will be very helpful to show your Instagram feed on WordPress website.

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