Many countries have now come into the state of lockdown due to the increasing number of cases of COVID 19. This summer, the whole world again has to fight a relentless battle against the pandemic and everyone has to face several difficulties during the lockdown period. But the better side of this summer lockdown is that you will have enough free time which you can use productively. This lockdown has given you ample time that you have never thought of. Hence, rather than worrying about the lockdown, you should fruitfully utilize the time. But many people do not know how to use their time productively and that is the reason why in this article we have come up with some productive tips that you can implement in your daily routine during this summer lockdown.

Productivity Tips to keep you productive during this lockdown

The following are the things that you can do for remaining productive during this lockdown period:

Reading the books that you have put off

The first thing that you can do is read novels or other books of your interest. You may like to read but due to a shortage of time, you may have never got the opportunity to read your favorite books. But this lockdown has given you a huge opportunity to read the book you like. Hence, whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction you must buy some books and start reading. However, you can read the e-book as well on your laptop. But you may not have a laptop you can buy it but before that, you can check out this blog for laptop reviews. There are several benefits of reading. Apart from learning something new, you can improve your vocabulary while you read something. That is the reason why it is always beneficial to read any book in the lockdown.

Learning a new skill

You may have realized that you need to learn some new skills that will help you in your professional life. But due to the shortage of time, you are not being able to read enroll in any course for enhancing your skills. This lockdown has given you ample time to do any course you like. Apart from the professional skills, there are many things that you can learn in this lockdown period for your entertainment such as you can learn the rules of a game, how to play an instrument, and many other things that will help you in the future. 

Building connections

In COVID 19 pandemic it is mandatory to keep social distancing and with that people are now spending more and more time on social media. Hence it is better to take the advantage of the network and make your social media presence stronger. Since everybody is now talking about COVID 19 pandemic and its associated problems it is now easier to join the conversation on social media. Hence, it becomes possible to reach out to potential collaborators on social media very easily. It is a good time to keep in touch with family, friends, and past colleagues. The best thing is that you can now get connected with your family, friends, and past colleagues through online mode and also through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, etc.

Exercise to stay fit

In this lockdown period it is very essential to stay fit and a healthy body can incorporate a healthy mind.Hence it is highly necessary to work out regularly for keeping yourself attentive which will also keep you free from boredom. Thus it is necessary to do meditation, yoga, dance, etc. that keeps you active and healthy at the time of the lockdown period. One great way is to install a fitness app that is easily available at the Play Store or Appstore. This type of app will keep you alarmed whenever you will have any kind of unhealthy lifestyle. While in quarantine or lockdown meditation is certainly the best way to relieve the level of stress and enhance your well-being.  

Write a play or short novel or a poem

Almost all of us want to write something or at least desire to do so. But because of our everyday busy schedule, many of us do not get the time to write anything. However, in this lockdown period, you will enough time to put your imagination into the paper. There are many things that you can try and if you are daunted to write a novel you can write a poem or a small screenplay or a short film. Apart from that, you can also write a blog or an article and publish it on a website. 

Do some DIY project

There are many small things at home that need to be corrected and for which you often need to hire contractors. These small things can be done by you without taking anyone’s help but due to a shortage of time, you never get time to do those things yourself. But now in the lockdown, you have ample time to the entire DIY project. You can do gardening in your free time is a great productive work that you can do in the lockdown time. Apart from that, you can fix general things around your house, for example, fixing the light bulb, painting the doors and windows, cleaning the house, etc.

Learn a new language

The more language you know the better is for you. Since you have now enough spare time it is better to learn a new language. There are so many languages in the world and each one is equally important. You never know which language you may need to know in the future and hence you can pick any language you like and start learning it. Nowadays there are many apps like Memrise or Duolingo that you can download from Play Store or App Store which will help to learn a new language without any difficulty.

Hope these productivity tips will help you to increase your productivity in this pandemic locdown.

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