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In comparison to all other phone system, what are the actually top benefits of IP phone systems? Since the pandemic struck, more entrepreneurs have started their remote businesses. From food deliveries to online shopping, companies are now available online. This means catering to customers and employees is now done virtually. And one of the best things about this way of doing business is the availability of IP phone systems.

What Are IP Phone Systems?

IP phone systems are also known as VoIP phones. The Voice over Internet Protocol technology runs the entire IP phone system using the internet. You can do so by using IP phones connected to the internet from making to receiving calls. These physical phones looking like traditional phones are available at ntsdirect and similar online softphone providers.

Benefits Of IP Phone Systems

As mentioned, these virtual phone systems for small business use the internet, which means they’re more affordable, flexible, and convenient for remote business owners. When utilized properly, it can make operations and processes more efficient. That way, you can have more opportunities to expand your business.

To elaborate more on the benefits of IP phone systems, let’s dive into the detail:

1. Decreased Expenses

The primary benefit of upgrading to IP phone systems is the decreased telephone cost. That’s because IP phones don’t require exclusive hardware or feature updates. With IP phone systems, its deployment and maintenance can be accomplished using internal networks. Moreover, you can set it up on your own, unlike traditional phones that require the service provider to come and set the equipment and lines on site.

Another cost-saving feature is you’ll only need to pay for the data you consumed. Traditional phone services charge you a set amount even if the channel remains unused. On the other hand, IP phone systems give you access to features like video calls and private teleconference without extra charges. If that’s not good enough, IP phone systems allow you to make international and long-distance calls with half the price of its old telephone service counterpart.

2. Better Working Flexibility

IP phone systems are cloud-based systems that Software as a Service (SaaS) companies host. This means you’ll get crisp telephone service similar to that of the traditional ones as long as you have an internet connection.

Having IP phone systems is also great if you have employees who are constantly traveling. This capability to connect with employees and clients from anywhere globally is the foundation of remote business. Moreover, companies operating from multiple locations can have a solid communication system. Remote employees only need a strong internet connection to expect reliable service, making collaboration easier and workflows faster.

Not only that, but many entrepreneurs are looking for the ability to do business anywhere they want. And you can ride this trend of remote business like a pro if you have a communication system that allows it.

3. More Advanced Features

What’s even great about IP phone systems are their features. And as mentioned, you don’t have to pay additional charges to enjoy them as they’re most likely part of your subscription. Below are some of the features that remote businesses can take advantage of:

  • Standardizing Operations

IP allows you to standardize your call reception process, which paves the way for prompt workflow, better customer retention, and increased revenue.

  • Recording Calls For Quality Assurance

Recording calls and looking back on them improves customer service. It ensures that each member of your team is following standards. On top of that, it makes call recording and tracking easier so you can have complete visibility of your call records anytime.

  • Automated Attendant

IP removes the need for a receptionist who answers customer calls and redirects them to necessary departments. This means that callers are automatically transferred to the respective parties that they need.

  • Forwarding Calls

With IP, you’ll never miss out on any important calls since it reroutes them to available lines or mobile devices that you can set at the beginning. This way, you can communicate with your clients regardless of where you are.

  • Business Text Messaging

While many clients go for calling when talking to company staff, there’s still a large number of customers who prefer text messaging. Luckily, the majority of the IP phone systems out there support SMS. Some service providers even have unlimited messaging capacity. This way, you can send as many messages to your customers as you want.

  • Call Queue Management

Call queueing is essential for organizations that make and receive many calls since it allows you to assign calls to other members of the team automatically. With IP phones, you can manage multiple calls of varying concerns and designate them to specific employees or departments who will address the call.

  • Changing Extension Numbers

IP allows you to personalize the extension numbers within your business. Most IP providers offer at least 2-5 digits for custom extension numbers. With customizable extension numbers, there’s less wait time for you and your customers. As a result, employees can call or respond to incoming calls quickly and solve any problems right away.

  • More Efficient Calling Process

Because of the advanced features of IP, you can streamline call management, which is good news for your help desk or front desk operators. Other than the decreased friction, it only improves the quality of the call.

4. Productive Efficiency

As mentioned, a solid communication system is one of the key factors of success in remote businesses. Since video and audio calls replace in-person communication, it only fits to make remote communication more accessible. This gives employers access to better collaboration capabilities, which is the backbone of productive efficiency.

Traditional phone systems hurt productivity since they’re either too complicated to use or have little capacity. However, if you and your employees have access to a better communication system, you can collaborate better. You no longer have to meet in person to assign tasks, train employees, and the like.


Hopefully, now you know the major benefits of IP phone systems. If you’re running a remote business, you need to invest in a communication system that’ll help your operations and employees become more efficient. With IP phone systems, you can achieve such. From the advantages above, you can ensure that you and your employees communicate with your clients efficiently. And this is important for remote businesses because your clients are more likely to communicate from the internet as well.

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