What are the major benefits of VoIP phone system for business?

If a company doesn’t follow technological advances, it will get behind its competitors quickly.

As we enter into a new age, based on communication, the phone system has become an important tool, in order to gain market shares.

Without a VoIP phone system, businesses will have a hard time thriving.

Here are a few reasons why, they benefit companies that install them in their office.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

The VoIP technology goes through the internet.

It allows the user to make calls that don’t go through landlines anymore, which in itself brings many benefits.

Most of all, it is software-based, and it can control the whole inbound/outbound communication of a company, whether its employees are at work inside their office or not.

Since it is completely digital, it can be combined to other software and applications, in order to help the system become more efficient.

Most people came to learn about VoIP communication through a software called Skype, which still exists today.

But the industry has come a long way, since the time when it started to become popular (early 2000s).

Now, there are service providers like Aircall, that can establish the whole communication network of companies, no matter what size they are.

With the advent of 5G, their capacity to provide even better services will grow, as the Wi-Fi network will become more powerful than ever.

That is why VoIP phone systems are not only today’s solution, but also tomorrows.

Advantages / Benefits of VoIP Phone System for Business

Reduced Costs

Costs are an important part of what companies have to handle, in order to enable them to grow.

If it doesn’t harness the global costs, a company can find itself in financial difficulties.

When a business decides to change its phone system, from traditional to VoIP, it is bound to save a large amount of money, right from the start.

There are many reasons why, but here are the two most important ones:

  1. Traditional phone systems are expensive to install.

They need a heavy physical installation, which means a large investment in material, as well as high-cost in terms of services for repairs and to maintain it.

The VoIP phone system is a software.

It can either be installed inside the company’s servers or run through the Cloud.

There are no important installations needed, no matter how many lines you may acquire.

  1. When you use a traditional phone systems, all lines are separate, and need to be paid as such.

In the new software-based system, you can basically have as many lines as you want.

The service provider will bundle them up in packages, which cost a lot less than what you would have had to pay for, before.


When you start a business, you have no idea how fast you will grow.

However, with a traditional system, to save on the cost of installation, you would need to have more lines installed than you really needed, just in case the growth came rapidly.

With the VoIP phone system, you can start with a small number of lines, and grow as much as you want, whenever you need, without ever having installation fees.

It gives you freedom to decide to move on, only when you need to.

It also enables you to adapt the technology that is attached to the software.

There are many options that come along, when you choose a VoIP phone system.

Many of them are not necessary useful to a small company.

With this system, you don’t have to pay for the latter ones.

On the other side, the company may find itself with different needs, as it grows.

New software or application will have to be linked to the system.

Again, there will be no heavy installation fees, and you will be able to upgrade, almost instantly.

Flexibility for Employees

What employers were afraid of, came true during the pandemic:

Their employees had to stay at home, all at once.

What it did, though, is help the revolution of phone system, and also the interaction between a company and its employees.

Everyone got to see that, in the end, working from home might no be such a bad thing for anyone involved in the process.

Businesses of the future will be able to reduce the size of their offices, and employees will be able to control their time, according to their own schedule.

Without a VoIP phone system, this would not be fully possible, though.

When someone calls the office, looking for a particular person, they can still reach them, thanks to a transfer of lines made by the system, directly to the employee’s cell phone, at their home or on the road.

This brings a new flexibility in the presence of employees in the office, or if they have to/want to remain at home.

A More Limpid Communication Channel

Before, each communication channel had to be treated separately.

This is not the case anymore.

Thankfully so, as we have entered the era of omnichannel communication, where customers can (or should) contact the company through the channel that they prefer.

These include: Phone, e-mail, text messages, various applications (like WhatsApp), social media, etc.

It has become rather easy for a company to forget one of the ones we just mentioned.

But that won’t happen if your VoIP phone system is complete.

In fact, it will bring all of these together, under one roof, enabling the company to understand the needs of its customers much better, since the system will be able to analyze the various incoming communications as a whole, instead of piece by piece.


Now you know, how essential the VoIP phone system for business is in this digital era.

It would be fair to say that a company that does not have a VoIP phone system installed in its office, at the dawn of 2023, is facing a serious risk of falling behind in its field.

Not only does a company benefit from the advantages mentioned above, and many more, but it creates a major advantage against its competitors that don’t have one.

In a technological world, not moving forward can certainly mean extinction, in a short to mid-term. That is definitely something to keep in mind.

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