The 2019 pandemic has taught us all the importance of the World Wide Web. With shops, schools and offices closed the only medium we can use safely is social media. Digital learning is becoming a norm and online purchases are increasing as the pandemic is growing more vicious. If you have a small business or you are thinking of starting one then social media can be a great starting point with the social media strategy.

Take the example of “EasyLunchboxes”. The lunch box delivery brand, created by Kelly Lester. Her business idea became a popular demand because she understood audience targeting on social media. She reached 88k followers on Pinterest and 250K likes on her Facebook page.

So it goes to show that social media is indeed very beneficial. Thus without further ado let’s dive into some tips to grow your dream business through social media.


Social Media Strategy

1.    Make a plan and set goals

Social media can be pretty overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it becomes harder to make decisions but with a social media strategy or plan, you can save precious time and resources. When you have goals set for your brand and when you know how to achieve those goals then every step becomes much easier.

So firstly:

  • Identify what your brand aims to deliver
  • What are the short term goals and objectives that your brand aims to fulfill
  • The scale of your business
  • Identify what your competitors are doing that actually works
  • Take inspiration from popular businesses

Once that is done try to plan your social media presence smartly by:

  • Understanding your target audience
  • Making a calendar for posts
  • Use metrics to set performance goals
  • Set attainable goals that will actually work for your business

And on top of all these, make sure all your moves align with your brand’s purpose.

2.    Choose platform wisely

Once your marketing strategy and brand objectives are in place try to understand which platform is most preferred by your audience. The right platform actually depends on your brand so you will have to decide that. Afterwards, build a strong profile on other platforms too but your focus should be on that one platform where your ideal customer spends the most time.

  1. Facebook is a great all-purpose platform
  2. Pinterest and Instagram are picture driven platforms
  3. TikTok is a short and YouTube a longer Video-based platform
  4. LinkedIn holds supreme value for professional interactions and for expanding your business circle


3.    Research your audience

So you have composed a plan, understood brand aims, and have chosen the perfect platform. What’s next? Now you should study your audience. Use analytic tools to see which age group, gender, region, etc. your audience belongs to.

This step is important as that makes targeting easy and you can use tools to approach relevant audiences this way. Once you have built a good image try to expand your audience by adapting to change. The more you adapt the more you grow stronger. If you serve customer needs as trends change you will become a reliable entity in your field.

4.    Use visuals

Accommodating your customer and making things easy for them brings more traffic in return. When you add visuals to your posts it gives your brand a clear picture and a more powerful personality. This is the reason why Google images are becoming a preferred means of bringing customers to your website and social media pages.

Use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to show off images of your products. If your brand offers services then use text-based images or photos that complement the text.

5.    Hire a social media team

Social media is a growing industry that is growing without any boundaries. To manage such social media pages and your brand at the same time can be very hard and damaging to your brand. You don’t want to spend too much time on both depleting your energy right?

So while you are focusing on your brand and the quality of the products a team of social media marketers, graphic designers, content writers, etc. can handle brand promotions. LinkedIn is a great platform if you are considering any hiring.  It offers features that make hiring easier for both the employee and the employer.


In this article, we went through a few of the many essentials that you need to know to boost your business online following the social media strategy. You will need a plan like for any other task, you will need to set goals to accomplish and you will need to choose the right platform.

A speaker requires an audience and the same goes for a business that runs for an audience. Try to examine your audience so you can meet their needs and spend energy in the right direction. Finally, try to use visual content and hire a team of specialized members so that all your plans are well executed.