How to perform video marketing using data analysis? According to a recent survey, 86% of businesses consider video marketing as a critical component of their promotional strategy. They further affirmed that this marketing technique accelerates lead generation, offers positive ROI, and directly impacts sales.

However, in order to reap these benefits, it is critical to strategize a video marketing strategy wisely. That’s where data analysis comes into the picture. Marketers can use video marketing analysis to evaluate the target audience’s desires, campaign insight, and overall effectiveness.

Let’s learn about video marketing using data analysis in detail.

Strategies to video marketing using data analysis

What Is Video Marketing Analysis?

Generally, video marketing analytics is used to see how your audience reacted to a video after you’ve posted it. You may track several metrics, such as total views and levels of engagement each video received, to determine the overall effectiveness of the content.

How Does It Work?

Numerous in-build tools are available to evaluate your visual content on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others. If you publish content on your website, you may even use Google Analytics to track the traffic coming from video and its effects on your website.

Nevertheless, the information you may gain from these tools is limited to the published content only. To formulate an effective strategy, you must take a step further by scrutinizing the company data. For that, you can outsource data engineering services, as they can build pipelines by integrating all of your information sources in one place. It will make the evaluation process seamless.

Furthermore, data engineers can assist you with automated reports to ease your task. So, you can use the apt information to draft an action plan.

Metrics You Need To Monitor

The success of every video marketing campaign often depends on the metrics given below.

  • Views

The video’s number of views is the simplest way to determine your content’s popularity. The higher the figures, the more users (target audience) find your content worthwhile to watch.

It will further assist you in modifying the content published. For instance, if a video on a particular subject has more views than usual, you can infer that this subject is well-liked by your audience and produce additional content on related topics.

  • Demographics

Besides the number of views, you can utilize analytics to learn more about your viewers. Such that you can now know the geography, gender, playback location, and traffic source.

You may use this demographic data to determine which people are most interested in your content and assess whether you are successfully reaching your target audience. Additionally, the demographics may help you identify your video’s target audience if you’re unclear (which is excellent if you are a newbie marketer or entrepreneur).

  • On-site Action

You should determine whether your videos are producing the conversions that assist with sales and contact form submissions.

For example, the average time spent on a page is one measure that you might track. After you add a video to a page if you notice an increase in the length of time your visitors spend on the page, this is a good sign. It indicates that the content is entertaining to your visitors and relevant to the page’s content.

  • Referral

Last but not least, you can drive different outcomes from the collected data. You can learn the impact of your video campaign on overall digital marketing strategy. This could be done using in-app insights or with the help of data engineers and analysts.

For instance, if your selected medium for visual marketing was YouTube, you can navigate as follows:

Acquisition > Overview > Social and Choose YouTube.

Now, you can get valuable information such as the number of people you have attracted to your website, how much time they spend, and the conversion rate. If the numbers are on the rise, it implies that your campaign is effective. On the other hand, if the graph is going downward, you need to improve the tactic to get quality results.

What Is The Need For Video Marketing Analysis?

Understanding that the information collected is only useful if you have a clear goal in mind is critical. Otherwise, it will be nothing more than a bunch of numbers. Simply put, you have to understand the need for video marketing analysis.

  • Ideal Content Marketing Format

Audio-visual methods are ideal for easily capturing a vast audience’s attention. Videos can be used to provide helpful information to the viewers, which could be related to a brand or service.

For this, you can conduct a survey to learn about the trends and customer preferences. Using data analytics, you can gather different pieces of information and use the same to strategize the visual content.

Suppose the information asserts that your target audience prefers short, helpful, and entertaining videos. So, the concept of your videos should be relatable, less than 30 seconds, yet engaging to the viewers.

  • Customer Centric Content

Did you know that 59% of company executives prefer to watch videos about a product than read about it in publications or online blogs? Video appeals to online audiences because it allows them to get quick information without having to browse through long articles.

Not to mention, videos are a fantastic way to show how a product functions. It allows you to demonstrate a product’s use in real-life, which might be difficult to convey with photographs alone.

In fact, according to statistics, 74% of buyers prefer videos for advertising. Hence, these can be useful strategies to persuade your audience to buy a product.

  • Effective Explanation 

Quite evidently, using video marketing to reach audiences is a successful strategy. And if we take a look at the statistics, 1.8 million words of text can be equivalently represented in one minute of video.

Yes, you read it right!

Given that most people only read the first few paragraphs of articles, if they find the information they need, they are less likely to read ahead. On the flip side, visuals are an efficient method for conveying your information fast and clearly.

Final Words

Video marketing using data analysis is a great technique to make your business successful. Data analytics is crucial to turn your video marketing campaign into a success. The information could be used to get a lead over competitors and build brand awareness like never before.

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