Without a doubt, we all want to be organized, meet our deadlines, and have some spare time to spend with our friends. This is all true for college students who are prone to using time management apps to maximize their study efficiency. With dozens of apps for college students’ time management, it can be tough to make just the right choice. That’s why we are here to shed light on the applications for students who want to complete all their assignments efficiently, productively, and conveniently. Let’s move on with our list.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk offers a nice rewarding design with decent functionality required for meeting the usual tasks of such an application. By prioritizing an easy way of adding assignments and prioritizing coursework or any other important tasks, it is also prominent in terms of allowing schoolers to break up big assignments into smaller ones. With decent customization of task lists and an advanced system of reminders via social media, email, this is one of the best time management apps that also gives a chance to track your progress on all the important assignments at ease. If you’re a fan of simplistic design, convenient user-experience, and sufficient functionality, this time management tool has all that and much more to offer!


Have you heard anything about an infamous Pomodoro strategy? This approach breaks your work or study schedule into separate blocks, where you use a time to work for a particular period of time. It is separated by a short five-minute break, whereas four consecutive working time blocks are followed by a longer break of around half an hour. Once you need to write an essay about time management skills, Pomotodo is a mobile app that can help you with that. Not only does it follow a Pomodoro technique, but it is also famous for its option of blocking distracting websites and creating pin notes.


Trello will be something different if you’ve never used similar applications before. Its layout is a task board, where you can create pin notes, your class schedule, and deadlines as well as set reminders for timely submission of your study-related materials. One of the most definitive features of Trello is a clear division on completed, in progress, and planned for future assignments. A flexible optimization is a comparative advantage of Trello, meaning that each task or sub-task can be changed using various settings, such as timers, reminders, checklists, and attachments. Even though Trello doesn’t have such a functionality, but by creating those tabs and flexible configurations for them, this app allows you to organize your day by focusing on the upcoming deadlines, eventually structuring your workflow.


Understanding that this app is on the rise, any organized or punctual individual tends to keep records on its affairs. One of the most advanced time management tools, which accounts for your textual and interactive notes, is Evernote. One of its greatest features is a cross-platform optimization for all the devices and compatibility with dozens of external apps, making it one of the best apps for creating your own study ecosystem. Once you realize that having a highly customizable notebook that keeps everything in one place is much needed for not creating a mess, the Evernote app, including its desktop version, is a great idea for any student in the university.

Loop – Habit Tracker

Now, let’s take a closer look at somewhat a different app that stands out in front of the others. Loop won’t create your to-do lists or voice memos with nice rewarding sound notifications. Instead, this app aims at building habits by tracking your progress in the predefined objects, monitoring your compliance with the tasks, and assisting in building a productive schedule. If you feel that you don’t have enough hours in the day, Loop will help you to identify the time frames, which you can use more efficiently for your studying. Once you’re up for building habits, but not the to-do lists, Loop is a fascinating choice.


RescueTime is now believed to be the best college student app to closely track how your time is spent. By tracking all the activities across multiple devices of your own, RescueTime and its pro version is crucial for understanding where you lose most of your spare time. If you are struggling to remember your class schedule and the most important deadlines, you better find an alternative app. This one focuses more on preventing distractions and allowing you to learn from your daily activities.

Class Timetable

Alright, we all know how hard can it be to structure your week at a glance, especially when it is continually changing. With a feeling that you can miss anything, Class Timetable is a leading app for one purpose – structuring on what’s next in your schedule. This app also has a decent color coding, alongside being one of the productivity apps for maximizing your focus on a daily routine. No one wants to miss a final class, right?

Focus Booster

Even though we’ve already mentioned one of the best time management apps for students that are using a Pomodoro technique, which is Pomotodo, Focus Booster is another notable representative. It offers a model for breaking up your schedule into chunks, which can be effectively filled with your study-related responsibilities. Once you are feeling that you’re losing track of your homework, research process, or study materials, dashboards of Focus Booster would remind you about anything you have to remember by hard. Being one of the best time management apps to accomplish daily tasks, Focus Booster has a decent functionality that can be enjoyed by the fans of apps for students.

Final Remarks

Understanding that optimization of your workflow is a superb idea for your own efficiency, the mentioned time management apps to structure your study-related materials would surely help you with that. If you are up to manage a daily routine, pick any list app that we mentioned earlier, which would help you to maximize your efficiency and productivity. After all, don’t forget that any of the mentioned tools is a supplementary app for tracking and optimizing your progress. You’d still have to conduct drastic measures to do well in your university. We hope that the recommended apps would help you in achieving harmony and balance with your busy schedules, homework, and research papers.

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