What are the best mimecast alternatives for email security? In the modern era of cybercrime, email has become a prime target for hackers. It is essential to have an email security solution that can protect your data from being compromised by hackers and phishers. How do you know which email security solution is best for you? In this blog post, we will explore 5 top Mimecast alternatives that offer a variety of features and benefits to help keep your company safe from future attacks. 

Mimecast is one of the leading providers in enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions, but it may not be right for everyone because there are other options out there with various price ranges and features.

Why Do You Need Email Security?

If you want to be productive at work and keep your company safe from cyberattacks, it’s essential that you have a reliable email service provider. Protecting your company data should be a priority because if someone breaks into your system, they can read or copy any information in it without being detected, including confidential information about clients or employees that could cost you money in terms of lost revenue or legal penalties.

In addition to guarding against theft of sensitive data, an email security solution will also help protect against viruses and spam by filtering out unwanted content before it reaches your inbox. These are five different companies providing enterprise-grade solutions for securely managing emails. Let’s check the top 5 mimecast alternatives for email security:


DuoCircle’s Email security service is fully scalable and flexible enough to process mail for small businesses all the way through large enterprise accounts. The cloud infrastructure scales with your needs as you grow, keeping threats from ever reaching your network by providing spam filtering.

DuoCircle virus engine is a powerful scanning program that can scan email for viruses and spam. They have the most up-to-date protection with Cyren Malware Detection Engine, Anti Spam modules to ensure you’re safe from phishing emails as well as five different companies providing enterprise-grade solutions for securely managing emails. so your account stays clear of phishing links.


Proofpoint is a web-based email protection system that blocks spam, phishing and viruses from landing in your inbox. They provide their users with super effective cybersecurity solutions to protect each channel such as by providing them with strong security for emails; data protection through malware blocking features on the cloud based platform (allowing you access anywhere), awareness training about threats like ransomware etc., which will help increase cyber resilience.

Powered by an all inclusive easy accessible management interface Proofpoint offers many other products including but not limited to: Antivirus Protection Solution; Security Awareness Training Programmes.


SpamTitan provides an effective anti-spam and malware blocking service utilizing multiple layers of spam detection at their email gateway. Spammers are automatically blocked by the company’s proprietary technology, powered via Multiple antivirus engines which scan for threats in real time on URLs or attachments before they can cause harm.

SpamTitan offers content control via email, allowing IT teams to whitelist and blacklist emails. It also provides customizable policies for each user or domain group so they can maintain their own blacklists of approved senders/emails without fear that spam will be blocked by the company’s system.


Sophos email security service is the best in its class, and Sophos uses deep learning neural networks embedded with behavioral analysis to block unwanted applications or zero-day malware attacks while also preventing boot-record and first time ransomware attacks.

Sophos also comes equipped with URL protection features that have been designed to examine the reputation of any website linked by an incoming mail so you know if your information will be safe before clicking on a link.


Barracuda Essentials is an email security platform designed to protect users and businesses from volumetric threats like malware, spam, targeted spear phishing and ransomware. It also provides protection against corruption of data by providing archiving capabilities in addition to email gateway solutions that significantly reduce external risks while increasing productivity at your company.

Email is the leading threat vector for ransomware, phishing and other advanced threats. The Barracuda Essentials cloud-based service can make your business safer with a safe email system that protects from these online dangers as well as data protection from external breaches or malfunctions in an established company’s IT infrastructure.

To Conclude

We hope that this list of 5 email security Mimecast alternatives has given you a better idea of what email security services are out there and how to find the right service for your needs. More than just providing tips, we’ve also included links so you can read more about these options yourself before making a decision. 

Whether it is to prevent spam or malicious emails from reaching your inbox, protect company data in case of breach, or monitor employee activity, there is an option on our list for every need.

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