We will discuss here Top 7 Cyber Security Tricks and Tips are most essential in this tech world.

1.         Click Only On Links You Can Trust

Most hackers, among other malicious individuals, trick unsuspecting people into clicking on ‘unsecured links in their emails. The hacker will usually send you an email in the form of a flight reservation, bank statement, or even a password recovery requesting you to click on the link to complete or view the ‘document’. Clicking on such a link redirects you to a fake website (almost identical to the real one), where you will be asked to input your private information or log in. The hacker gets hold of the information the moment you enter this information. That said, it would be advisable to only click on links you can trust and verify the source before clicking on it. So clicking on the trusted links is one of the most important cyber security tricks.

2.         Don’t Use The Same Password Over And Over

Using the same password for different accounts only increases the risk of them all getting hacked. Should someone, or a hacker, get hold of this one password, he/she will be able to access almost all your accounts, inflicting even more damage. It would thus be advisable to use a different password for each account. Your accounts will be safer this way. You also want to use a strong and hard to predict password for your accounts as well. If remembering all the passwords is the issue, then tip number 3 has you covered.

3.         Take Advantage Of A Password Manager

As mentioned earlier, remembering all your passwords can be quite a challenge. Password managers, however, make it a breeze, as they help keep all your passwords in a secure place. That said, all you will ever need is the password to the password manager. Password managers use military-grade encryption to ensure your passwords are safe from prying eyes.  KeePass, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, and Roboform are some of the best programs to use for this. Most of these are free, though you can still find paid options too. You could also use cloud-based storage options to keep your passwords secure too.

4.         Set-Up Multi-Factor Authentication

You might have heard of two-step authentication. This feature adds an extra layer of protection to your accounts by requiring you to verify your identity even with the correct username and password keyed in. Some of the most secure platforms today use this technology, whereby the server sends a one-time password (OTP) to your phone or email to allow you to access the account. Multi-factor authentication thus makes it almost impossible for a hacker to get into your private accounts or website.

5.         Limit Use Of Debit Cards Online

Online shopping has made it possible for one to order almost anything without leaving his/her couch. As convenient as this is, you want to avoid using anything tied to your bank account, such as a debit card, to make payments on these platforms. Instead, consider using online payment platforms, e.g. PayPal, to make such payments or a credit card with insurance. This gives you an additional layer of protection, especially if the payment portal isn’t secure enough.

6.         Never Save Your Payment Information

Many websites today will request you to save your payment details with them. While The intention is positive (make future transactions faster), it does pose a serious risk should there be a breach. As long as the website or merchant doesn’t save your payment information, hackers won’t find it should they hack the website or merchant.

7.         Enable Auto-Update On All Systems And Devices

Redline advise that your computer/phone, operating system, and browser should always have the latest patch and updates from the manufacturer. Its firmware and firewall software (if under one) also need to be up to date. Malicious individuals are always on the lookout for vulnerability in systems and won’t hesitate to exploit it if your systems aren’t updated. Enabling the auto-update function on your devices and operating systems is your best bet to keeping it safe and updated.

If anyone maintain to follow these 7 cyber security tricks, hope they won’t be disappointed.

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