What are the top crypto games? Gaming is part of human culture.

They have impacted people’s lives more than we realize. In addition to developing games, competing in cybersports, buying and selling in-game items, and running tournaments, you can make millions of dollars.

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most profitable play-to earn games

Top crypto games

1. Gods Unchained

It is a card game. Here, with your own deck, you must outplay your competitor.

The NFTs are cards that have certain characteristics.

Thanks to blockchain, you are assured that your cards will always belong to you.

The NFT concept protects your deck from changing characteristics.

This solves the problem faced by players in classic games, where the developer can “nerf” your in-game assets – the same tanks, characters, weapons, etc.

In the case of NFT, it is impossible to make such changes, so rest assured that your deck will always be yours and retain its characteristics.

The game has been running since 2018 and operates on the ETH blockchain.

You can purchase an in-game GODS token.

The complete economy of the game is built around this cryptocurrency – it is used to make payments, exchanges, and pay commissions.

New players can have access to 140 cards.

This allows you to start playing without investing.

You can get a strong or weak deck – brings excitement to the game.

You can earn money by selling your cards, participating in tournaments and just playing with other players.

  • Blockchain: ETH;
  • Donation advantage: No;
  • Free, or not: Yes;
  • Token exchange rate: $1.76;
  • NFT Marketplace

2. Axie Infinity

The critically acclaimed crypto game we’ve already mentioned in passing in this article.

It’s an open world, full of gameplay possibilities.

The game is farm-like, with the user navigating in search of animals – Axie.

This NFT game runs on PC as well as Android and iOS.

The gameplay involves you buying, breeding, and upgrading your pets, fighting, and acquiring lands – the very ones that sell for millions of dollars.

However, you don’t need millions to make money in Axie.

You’ll need three pets to start playing.

A pet is an NFT token. Each one is unique, with its own special features. Pet prices vary greatly:

The main currency can be earned is SLP tokens.

To get them, you have to participate in adventures and battles, complete quests, and win.

Wow: It is possible to earn money from this NFT game without investing your own money.

For example, you can find a manager in the community to get a stipend (a percentage of your income) from him. Basically, you are rocking someone else’s account and expecting to be paid a share of the earnings for it. The best way to find such opportunities is to use the game community’s Discord.

But it is also possible that you will not get anything, for example, if you do not meet the stipulations of your stipend.

This usually refers to the amount of money you have earned.

I therefore highly recommend trying to get three Axies on the marketplace at a low cost.

  • Blockchain: ETH;
  • Donation advantage: Yes;
  • Free, or not: No, but it is possible to play for free;
  • Token Price: $59.26;
  • NFT Marketplace

3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a sandbox game that resembles a lot of things in a way similar to that of Minecraft, or Roblox, but runs on blockchain.

The game combines the ideas of the meta-world, NFT and GameFi. In SAND, you have the opportunity to build your own world and then sell your creations on the marketplace.

However, the important thing to consider here is that SAND is already a successful and popular project, and therefore land here is expensive, just like in Decentraland.

The economy is built around the cryptocurrency SAND. It is an ERC-20 token. It allows you to buy objects as well as land, resources, and jewels.

The possibility of earning on this NFT game is not implemented by the developers directly, but you can upload your creations to the marketplace and sell them, setting the price yourself.

This is closer to NFT art than to Play to Earn.

  • Blockchain: ETH;
  • Donation advantage: Yes;
  • Free or not: No, you need SAND and ETH;
  • Token exchange rate: $3.97;
  • NFT Marketplace
play to earn crypto games android

4. Alien Worlds

One of the hottest games, the most popular at the moment. Here you have to mine the trillium cryptocurrency, TLM. This cryptocurrency is already trading on Binance.

You can use the funds you earn to improve your playing position – buy swag that will speed up mining, for example.

Right now, the game is more of a clicker game, where you have to press a single “Dig” button.

Thanks to such simple mechanics, there are a huge number of bots in the game. Also, the gameplay is quite boring.

The main advantage of the game is that you can earn almost no investment.

At the start you only need 10 WAXP on your balance – that’s about $3 at the moment.

For each trip to the mine, you get a TLM.

You can withdraw this immediately, or reinvest it in NFT cards that you will sell in the future. Either option can be profitable.

  • Blockchain: WAX, ETH, BSC;
  • Donation benefit: Yes;
  • Free, or not: No, but very cheap and easy to earn;
  • Token exchange rate: $0.13;
  • NFT Marketplace

5.  Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a free-to-play MMORPG awaiting release.

In the game, you will be able to choose a character, or a class, and spell out its history.

The game is in pre-alpha. Initially, it will be available on PC and later on mobile devices.

The release is scheduled for early 2022.

NFT tokens are actively being bought here – they allow you to play in the alpha and get the perks.

NFT only gives a visual effect – a cool look and feel.

But each NFT will have its own uniqueness and history – this will increase its value

  • Blockchain: ETH;
  • Donation benefit: No;
  • Free, or not: Yes;
  • Token rate: No token;
  • NFT Marketplace: https://embersword.com/marketplace.


In this article, we have sorted out with you the idea of making money from top crypto games.

We found out what NFT games play to earn. We made a top of the most interesting games for 2024.

Let’s see which of these games will turn out to be the hottest this year.

It will be especially interesting to watch the ones that are waiting for release. Final wish: play and make money!

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