Among the huge tech companies, it’s tough to pick strong top tech companies in this era. Those who have been investing for a while will know that the sector has seen a major swing in recent years towards tech stocks. Technology is a prime driver of economic growth these days, and the companies that provide us with everything from our software packages to our equipment tend to have positive outlooks on the future.

However, it’s not always easy for a newbie – or, indeed, an experienced pro – in the investments sphere to work out what technology stocks are the best ones to go for. With that in mind, this blog post will share some thoughts and advice on which parts of the top tech companies/industry might be the best ones to look towards as a new year gets underway.


One of the big surprises of 2021 was that Facebook, Inc. rebranded itself as Meta. Meta is, in one sense, a way of bringing together all of the different services that Facebook has snapped up in recent years, including Instagram and WhatsApp. It does have some consumer-level brand value, however, with users now seeing the Meta logo as their Facebook-owned apps load up.

The question of whether or not Meta will have a good year is something of a moot point. Its share price, of course, holds the potential to fluctuate depending on what the company announces and what its focus ends up being. In early 2022, for example, Meta announced that it was trying to build the world’s biggest AI-specific supercomputer: this led to a renewed wave of interest in the firm, and showed that it has the capacity to keep on innovating.

However, on the question of whether Meta will have a good year or not in a broader sense, it’s likely that it will: as a whole, it will have a decent enough 2022 simply by virtue of its sheer size and power. As the world’s most recognizable social media company – and, perhaps alongside Google, the most recognizable tech brand – the Facebook family is most likely going nowhere.


Behemoths such as Meta, then, are potentially destined to do well in the markets pretty much no matter what – but what about companies that are smaller, less well-known and potentially more volatile? One such firm is Sunrun – which, to be fair, is not one that most people have heard of. However, it’s a firm that a respected site such as AskTraders might recommend, so you should keep an eye on it if you’re interested in where the best tech stocks might go next.

The company is a producer of renewable energy solutions such as battery storage and solar panels. What’s crucial about this firm, though, is that it is able to look forward and innovate toward a day when renewable energy solutions will be front and center in the minds of everyone. Those who are looking for a potentially positive and potentially profitable long-term investment to add to their portfolios, then, may be interested in researching Sunrun and those like it – though, as ever, there are no guarantees.

Hewlett Packard

There is, however, still a place for other big names on this list. Hewlett Packard is one such company. For many people, Hewlett Packard reminds them simply of printers and other hardware produced in decades gone by. Now, however, it’s a provider of what is known as intelligent technology – meaning that it offers services such as cloud computing and edge networking.

It’s seeing a number of upticks in figures, such as an increase in net earnings of over 15 times. It claimed that this was down to a rise in demand from its customer base, which is presumably true – though it still remains to be seen exactly where this firm will go next, and whether it will manage to continue to ride the wave of change in the tech sector so well.

Ultimately, there’s no certain way to get insights in advance into which stocks are likely to perform well and which ones are likely to fail. Also, remember, of course, that you should always do your due diligence on any stocks and shares that you decide to invest in – whether they are in the tech sphere or elsewhere. The companies shared here might form a good starting point, though, and it’s a good idea to delve further into their stories so that you can get a strong understanding of the potential of those top tech companies.