Quality fintech app design is essential if you want your product to be marketable. But can you really talk about quality in digital product development without following the latest trends and keeping up with the times? Remember what Alice is told in Alice Through the Looking Glass: “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.

And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” This is an ideal description of the best fintech design: know and satisfy customers’ needs even before they realize them. So, let us dive into the theme and see the latest trends in Fintech UX design!

Making fintech app design up-to-date and impeccable

Firstly, we must remember that strong and proven UX characteristics did not go anywhere! Signs of good UX design include:

  • smooth workflow
  • seamless integration
  • reliable protection of private data and general security
  • intuitive interface
  • excellent color scheme
  • uniform style
  • But there is a difference between good and perfect. Following the golden standards of development is good; creating them by combining bright ideas and the latest technologies is even better. So, let us see what can you add to your fintech app design to make it truly vibrant!


Customizing your favorite product to match your identity better feels great, so why not give such an opportunity to your customers? Adjustable dashboards, navigation, style, color theme, and widgets—all these details will make your product special to its user.

It promotes engagement, product reception, and long-term customer loyalty. Moreover, you can easily implement microtargeting and deeper behavioral analysis.


Boredom, loneliness, and informational overload exhaust our mental resources with the speed of light.

We do not want to our customers’ burden, do we? Instead, by making our digital product simple and straightforward, giving rewards, and adding a bit of a playful feeling, warmth, and wholesomeness, we will create a solution that is also much more enjoyable than a plain and sterile tool. Try starting with some emojis and unique loading animations.

All-in-one, or a perfect marketplace

Integration with other services adds greatly to the user’s positive experience. Imagine being able to manage your insurance plan, buy tickets for a train, order pizza, and send flowers to your significant other by using just one application.

Going full-digital

In the era of digital nomads and globalization, trying to tie your customer to a brick-and-mortar location is suicidal. Even if a user does not change their location frequently, with the craziness of the modern rhythm of life, they probably will not have time to visit the local department.

A virtual banking card or digital signature can be a good example of how you can help your customers switch to fully mobile banking without risking a cent of their money.

Visualize it!

Meaningful and interactive graphics can help users gain a better understanding and control of their finances, and, therefore, reach their objectives with ease.

Adaptive AI

Many companies already use AI to help their clients. Artificial intelligence is rising, there is no denying that. Think of how your product in particular may become more beneficial for users through AI implementation. Make customer service more cost-effective and helpful.

Create a personal financial assistant that never forgets a thing and can calculate and provide necessary data momentarily. Detect and prevent attempts of scamming.

Using biometry

Physical and behavioral biometric technologies can bring the security of your application to a whole new level. Financial digital products are much more prone to hacking, so this is a chance to stand out from your competition and ensure that clients’ money and data are safe with you.

Hire a trusted fintech design agency

Professional product designers have time to track, study, and analyze trends. You, being busy with your SME or startup, probably do not. It is yet another reason to hire a team of specialists.

We recommend you start working with them from scratch. When developing a digital product from a bare concept to an MVP, all-time guidance and involvement of a fintech design agency professional allows you to prevent critical mistakes. Uncaught or too costly to fix, they can be deadly to the success of your product.

And if you already have an idea in mind or started the development of a new financial digital solution, definitely contact Arounda. This dedicated team of multidisciplinary digital product experts has vast experience in fintech design. They can help you create a truly unique and successful product, no matter what it will be:

    • banking platform
    • cashless payments
    • budget management
    • trading platforms
    • exchanges

Arounda is proud of over five years in digital product development, helping startups and small/medium enterprise launch high-demand products, well-accepted by both investors and customers.

The agency works with Fortune 500 companies, and the products they assisted in creating are used by millions of people worldwide. Why work with Arounda on your fintech app design?

  1. Besides having truly great UI/UX design, your product will be scalable, top-tier safe, efficient, integrative, and compliant.
  2. Staying within budget. Not to mention trouble-shooting again, Arounda experts can develop strong digital solutions while taking into account your financial limitations. And if your product will need an expansion later, it can be easily done.
  3. Building a strong brand image and gaining trust. Loyalty and trust are especially valuable in fintech where users literally give your access to their money and private data. The agency specialists make users’ journeys transparent and ensure the safety of their assets.
  4. Transparency of the development process, reports at every crucial point, active listening to your feedback, and taking your needs into account. When working with Arounda, you do not outsource product development—you create it together.

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