What are the creative ways to improve employee engagement, productivity and retention? If you feel like employee morale has dwindled and you want to explore new ways to boost engagement and productivity and retain your top talent, then you are probably keen on learning how to go about it.

Well, you’re not alone. New findings have shown that many HR reps across different industries are facing competing priorities and a rapidly changing work environment, which has forced them to seek out ways to boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

There’s no magic formula to the problem of turnover. It simply requires a deeper understanding of your employees and the creation of programs that meet their needs. Everyone has the power to take control of the situation and create a better work environment so their employees don’t feel tempted to run from their companies and seek out new opportunities.

Below, we share some top suggestions on how to increase employee productivity, master the art of engagement, come up with exciting employee retention strategies, and ultimately improve job performance and efficiency.

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Offer competitive advantages

Provide your employees with attractive and competitive advantages. But do it before they knock on your door and want to talk about something. Offer them benefits that they can’t get anywhere else.

Just as customers want to know why they should do business with your company, your employees want to know why they should work for you. They want to know why they should invest their time with you. They want to be able to brag about how good they are at their jobs to their friends and they want to feel privileged to work for you. So be creative and personal about benefits and you’ll see their motivation and productivity levels go up.

Build a positive corporate culture

Good corporate culture means that both management and employees agree on the company’s fundamental values, which are supposed to guide the operations of the company. These values will also shape the workplace climate and guide managers and employees in everyday work.

If the core values in the company are such that they match the values of employees and managers, the culture becomes strong and creative.

The company culture is also essential if you want to be able to recruit and retain qualified personnel. Good company culture is the best prerequisite for employees to remain creative and find their work stimulating.

It contributes to the fact that the employees are proud of what they jointly achieve and that each employee feels that they can grow. Encourage employee career development by allowing everyone to present a personal development plan that they can use on their path toward personal and career development.

Create room for autonomy

ways to improve engagement

Autonomy is a recurring word when speaking about motivation and engagement. Humans have an inherent desire to control their working lives. Perhaps that could be one of the explanations why the phenomenon of remote work during the pandemic increased both productivity and engagement in many industries all over the world.

As a company leader, you need to have a good gut feeling when it comes to this. Some employees feel best and produce the best results when working independently and when they’re part of decision-making processes. Others need clear guidelines and instructions. 

Autonomy can be about working flexible hours or allowing employees to plan how the job is to be carried out. Depending on the industry you work in, think about what would work best for the company and its interests.

Give employees praise and recognition

If someone is doing a good job, make sure you tell them. It doesn’t have to be difficult to motivate your employees. Even the best and most confident workers want to be praised and not taken for granted.

If you have managers working under you, you must give them the authority to reward their teams when it’s possible to do so. It’s wonderful for an employee to receive beautiful flowers or a thoughtful appreciation letter that will show them that you recognize their hard work, dedication, and effort.

Improve employee work-life balance

It’s easy to let employees work from home today with all the affordable technology available, but the problem is that companies then expect employees to be available all the time because of it. If you give your employees that impression, it can make them feel pressured and demotivated. Today’s employees don’t like this and are actively looking for companies that take into account people’s need for work-life balance.

A way to improve employee work-life balance is to maintain open communication lines and talk to your employees regularly and you’ll know when someone is dissatisfied with the workload or heading toward burnout. Having such conversations will help you adjust schedules with minimal disruption to deliverables.

Final thoughts

An important thing to remember is that your best employees want to feel valued and appreciated. Talented people want to learn things, develop, be seen, and make their way in life. Help them satisfy that need, and you’ll be able to retain them while increasing engagement and productivity.