How web crawling and digital marketing can help to boost your business? The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. It’s no longer about pushing out the most content, finding the right keywords, and being first. Digital marketing has become more sophisticated with technical aspects, user experience, value, and creating meaningful relationships.

New practices require many different tools and data to support marketing strategies. Companies use logs analyzers and website crawlers to get an advantage over their competition.

Let’s explore the critical purpose of web crawlers and their role in the marketing process.

If you want your business to stay competitive in its market, it’s crucial to adopt the latest technologies and use them the right way.

Web crawling explained

Web crawling is gathering and tracking URL addresses for indexing purposes. It’s an entirely automated process that uses tools called bots. Bots go to a single webpage from which they find all valid links and move to other pages.

These tools go through all the links and gather data about those pages. Simply put, web crawlers collect various information from the web for further analysis. Here are the actions web crawlers can perform:

  • Copy website pages
  • Find new URLs and crawl sites
  • Determine if HTML files and links are updated
  • Rank websites
  • Index content and URLs
  • Analyze hashtags and keywords

So, what is a web crawler? It’s a tool that gathers relevant website information. Search engines (Google’s web crawler) can use this information to find content. Web crawlers evaluate the quality of a website and improve its content. Read on if you want to learn more about web crawling: What is a Web Crawler blog article from Oxylabs.

Why digital marketing is vital in modern business

Everything and everyone is online today. Digital marketing is an integral part of running a business because it connects companies with customers, and all industries can benefit from it.

Companies can find potential customers on Google through PPC and SEO, engage consumers on social media, and reach them using email marketing.

Digital marketing is cost-effective.

Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing techniques are more affordable. Whether a business is a small organization or a large enterprise, it can invest in various marketing techniques to get results.

It opens up a significant market.

We can’t stress this enough – everybody is online in the 21st century. In January 2021, the total number of internet users was over 4.6 billion, almost 60% of the global population. The world is digitizing rapidly, and the number of internet users is only continuing to grow.

It opens up the mobile market.

According to Statista, 90% of people online use a mobile device to connect to the web. All digital marketing practices let businesses market to those users and find loyal customers. Missing out on so many potential customers is something no business can afford.

How Web Crawling and Digital Marketing work together

Now that we’ve learned what a web crawler is, how scrapers work, and how important digital marketing is, let’s see how they work together.

1.     Review monitoring

Getting valuable feedback from your customers can help improve your products, services, customer support, and many other aspects of your business. On top of that, knowing what feedback you received and where can help address those issues on time.

Gathering feedback online can be difficult, but web crawling makes it easy to go through different sites and acquire reviews, posts and comments relevant to your brand.

2.     Staying on top of the latest trends

Web crawling gives companies quick access to the latest information relevant to their industry. That allows marketing teams to keep up with the latest trends and adjust their approaches to win over customers effectively.

3.     Better competitor analysis

You can use web crawlers to identify your competitors’ products, prices, offers, and content. You can also use it to find new competitors or target audiences. All the gathered information can help marketing teams create strategies that offer something new or better than their competitors.

4.     Acquiring new leads

B2B businesses can use crawling to obtain information relevant to acquiring customers. That information can include everything about a target audience, content types potential customers prefer, companies interested in your products or services, and more.

5.     Finding potential partners

Companies need reliable and affordable partners. With a web crawler, you can search the web for specific organizations that offer the services you require. You can extract relevant data about their prices, plans, service availability, and other vital points.


A reliable web crawler will give your marketing efforts a necessary boost. In a highly competitive digital world, it’s crucial to rely on factual data that can help you create actionable marketing strategies. That’s how companies ensure high ROI and expand their customer base with web crawling and digital marketing.

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