What do you think, what are the biggest threats children face online? As kids spend more and more of their time online, parents are left wondering what they can do to keep their children safe from the dangers of the internet.

There are several online threats that parents should be aware of. This article will go over a few of them. It will also provide actionable solutions that parents can implement to keep their children safe when using the internet.

What are the Biggest Threats Children Face Online?


Video games and social media can be incredibly addictive, even for adults. Without any other responsibilities, children can easily spend most of their time online and get addicted. Internet addiction can have serious implications on your child’s social development. It can also lead to:

  • Irritability;
  • Aggressiveness;
  • Insomnia;
  • Depression and other complications.

As a parent, you should limit the time your child is allowed to spend online. Promote other, healthier activities such as sports, reading or other non-online hobbies. You can also consider teaching your child meditation and mindfulness (a dedicated app can help).


There are few things more intense than a child’s curiosity. Unfortunately, that also means that children are prone to infesting their devices with all sorts of malware. Since most children aren’t aware of the dangers looming on the internet, they are more likely to download malware or give away sensitive information on dubious websites.

To protect your children from falling victim to hackers, educate them about how dangerous the internet can be. But, considering how rebellious children can be, that’s rarely enough. You should also protect their devices with antivirus software. To help your children safely navigate through their various accounts, teach them how to use a password manager.

Inappropriate Content

The internet is full of inappropriate content for children. Since kids are generally curious, they may look for this content or stumble upon it accidentally.

Video games can be particularly dangerous in this regard, as they are very popular among children, and some parents aren’t aware of the actual content of these games.

While your children are young, it’s best to utilize parental control features on their devices. These features will allow you to control the apps and search results your children can access. Additionally, it’s best to research the content of video games you plan to buy before letting your children play.


Bullying has always been a concern for parents. With the internet, the threat of bullying presents itself as soon as your child goes online. Unfortunately, cyberbullying is very prevalent, and your child must know how to avoid or handle it healthily. Cyberbullying can have terrible real-world consequences and take a horrible toll on your child’s mental health.

Instead of cutting your child off entirely from social media and other online platforms, you could try a different approach. First, make it clear that you’re available to talk about any problem your child is facing. Look for behavioral changes that may indicate your child is being cyberbullied. Depression and sadness are common signs.

Finally, look for teachable moments and point them out, whether it’s from their own experience or worldwide news regarding cyberbullying, privacy, and online safety.

Is the Internet too Dangerous for Children?

With all of these threats, some parents may question how smart it is to even let their children have online access. However, while the dangers are undoubtedly worrying, the internet also has many benefits. It would be a shame for your child not to be able to take advantage of those benefits.

With the solutions discussed in this article, you can significantly reduce the effect of these threats. If used correctly, the internet can help your child learn valuable lessons, connect with friends, and develop their cognitive abilities.


Hope now you know what are the biggest threats children face online. The internet can be a dangerous place. As a parent, you need to be aware of the different dangers your children are facing online. As internet usage among children continues to rise, these threats are becoming more prevalent and can have a real influence on your child’s development.

Knowing these threats and helping your child navigate through them can be challenging. But, as your child grows older, he/she will be far more capable of dealing with them independently.

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