What does ft mean on social media? Social Media has revolutionized how we share our thoughts, connect with people worldwide, and express ourselves, which was impossible before. Some use it for fun, some for promoting their business/products to the world, and some to gain popularity. Like this, FT in Social Media is a term you might have frequently noticed on social media platforms.

In today’s digital age, when there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook, 500 million+ people upload Instagram stories, and around 1 billion people chat on Whatsapp every single day. We clearly understand what Social Media means in our daily lives for communication, popularity, entertainment, and connecting with the talented minds of the world.

In this article below, we will explore the new trending FT meaning on social media and why it is so popular amongst the newer generations. So, let’s begin by understanding its actual meaning:

Understanding the Meaning of FT

“FT” is the most searched acronym that gives separate meanings based on its used context. While it is described as Featuring (ft.) when used on YouTube, it means ‘For Trade’ when used on Trading platforms. There are nearly ten to fifteen different meanings that suggest logical meanings of FT.  But what does FT mean in social media?

What Does FT Mean on Social Media?

If someone sends you a text on Facebook or Snap saying, “Hey! Let’s FT,” that means he/she wants to FaceTime with you. It is a short way of asking your friends and close ones, inviting them for a video chat on any social media platform.

FaceTime (FT) is a video calling service first introduced in 2010 by Apple Inc for  Apple devices as their in-built application. But interestingly, the social media platforms like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, have also included this feature into their applications since it was first released.

FT in Social Media enables individuals to see and hear each other in real-time.Individuals may see and hear one other in real time because to FT in Social Media. It is now more than just a feature that connects millions of individuals all around the world. But has it actually been so popular since its launch? The answer is Yes.

FaceTime is a common feature popular ever since users get access to the Internet, smartphone, and social media. However, its popularity skyrocketed during the Covid-19 lockdown when people were tied to staying home with only having a medium to stay connected with their loved ones.

Additionally, it was during the Covid-19 period when Famous social media companies introduced more FaceTime features such as Group Video Chatting, video conferences, and screen sharing while video chatting. This lets more users connect with FaceTime features, ultimately increasing its popularity throughout the continents.

How Does FaceTime Work for Social Media?

FaceTime FT is now an in-built feature widely recognized as a Video chatting feature available on Messenger, Instagram, Whats App, Viber, and more. It has become a communication tool for sharing information and connecting two or more individuals through a single platform. But how does FaceTime work for Social Media?

FaceTime works by utilizing your phone’s data or a Wi-Fi connection for audio calls and video chatting with anyone in your contact list. To simply use it, just open the app on your device, select the person you would like to connect or type the name or number to make a call.

Pros and Cons of FaceTime

You learned the ft meaning, and you know how it works. Now let’s explore some amazing pros and cons of using FaceTime services.


  • Free and easy to use
  • More engaging and productive than audio calls or texting.
  • Supports both voice calling and video calling
  • End-to-end encryption for strong security and privacy
  • It can be used even without having a cell phone service. But requires Wi-Fi or an internet connection available


  • Requires stable internet connection to function properly
  • Not available to call landline phones
  • Limit the number of people to connect in a single FaceTime

Some of the professional apps for FaceTime:

As you know, FaceTime is feature/application available for social media platforms. Still, there are alternative video chatting platforms available for users, which are generally made for professional purposes. They are:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet


Hope now you know, What Does FT Mean on Social Media. To sum up, FT in social media has completely changed the way we connect and talk on social media. Simple audio and video conferencing features allow users to engage face-to-face regardless of distance.It helps in connecting with our loved ones, friends, family, and businesses in addition to standard Facetime calls.

For individuals, FaceTime in Social Media offers the opportunity to stay connected with people who may be far away. It acts as a bridge that reduces the physical gaps between individuals.

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What Does FT mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, FT stands for FaceTime. It refers to the video calling feature that allows two or more people to have real-time online conversations.

What Does FT Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat as well, FT defines FaceTime. Apart from sharing snapshots, FT gives access to live video conversations between individuals.

What Does FT Mean on YouTube?

On YouTube, FT stands for ‘Featuring.’ It is mainly written as ‘ft.’ whenever a creator collabs with an artist. Example Song: ‘Animal’ ft. Marshmallow.

What Does FT Mean on Texting?

FT in the text stands for “FaceTime.” It is mainly used as a short form to invite someone to join for video chatting.

Is FaceTime In Social Media Free?

Yes, FaceTime is free and available for every smart phone or PC.