It was back in the year 2018 when people started to see the benefits of recruitment marketing strategy. Now, years later, there are people who have gotten confused with the differences between recruitment and marketing. With the rise of the number of people who check out social media, people can now gain information about companies and the job positions that they are offering easier.

This is also the same for companies who are searching for top talents. They do not have to wait for a long time anymore just to find the right candidates. If this is what you also want, you can check the candidate sourcing solutions that are available.

What Exactly is Recruitment Marketing?

When you say recruitment marketing, this is known to be a modern way of recruitment that people do right now. They would be doing different strategies so that they can find the right people to hire. Some of the modern solutions that they may do can include the following:

  • Omni-channel solutions
  • Hyper-targeted messaging
  • Different types of automation

What makes this ideal for a lot of people is the fact that this will be a good solution not only for the recruiters but also for the applicants. The applicants are going to feel that they are going to have a different experience.

Recruitment Marketing Strategy: Steps to Get Started in

You cannot just decide that you would like to do recruitment marketing and wish that things will go according to what you have planned. You need to know the proper recruitment marketing strategy so that you can do it successfully.

Recruitment marketing will allow people to go through the following process:

  1. Attract the right people. Do you know why there are some companies that are successful? It is not only because they are able to recruit the right people. They allow the right people to go to them. People dream of working for stable and big companies. They will do their best to make that happen.
  2. The second step that you need to take is to make sure that you are giving proper engagement to those you are targeting. The moment that you have already established the branding of your company, that is the time when you can attract the right people to go to you. Make sure that you will also use some of the tried and tested applications to help you in your search for talented people. Remember that you need to segregate the different talented people that you have checked out. Some of them will be a great fit for the job positions that you have in mind.

There is one important thing that you have to remember: make sure that you will build trusty connections with your potential candidates. This means that you will make an effort to communicate with them. The more that they can feel that they can create a good working relationship with you, the more enticed they will be to work for you.

  • Launch the campaign that you have in mind. This is the third step in making sure that you are doing recruitment marketing properly. Make sure that your campaign will be effective in making applicants remember you in a positive manner. Even if they do not get chosen for the job positions that you are offering, they can share the positive experience with other potential applicants. This will increase the desire of other potential candidates to work for you.

Differences Between Recruitment and Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment and marketing are often linked with each other, right? It has made people more confused about the differences between recruitment and recruitment marketing.

When you say recruitment, you are going to wait for the applicants to go to you. You will be recruiting people for the job positions that are available. When you are doing recruitment marketing, you are taking a look at different candidates at the same time that can fill up various job positions within your company.

Some people say that recruitment is a short-term solution because you are only going to fill up one spot. Recruitment marketing will allow you to find the right talent to fill different positions for a long time. Recruitment marketing is also more focused on the experience of the applicants as compared to recruitment.

Differences Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

These are two terms that people normally interchange. They expect that these two are the same but they are not. Employer Branding is more focused on improving the reputation of the company. The more positive the branding of the company, the more that it can attract the right people. Employer branding can be very traditional and there is a big chance that you will not change the branding of the company for a long time.

Recruitment marketing is more versatile. There are going to be a lot of strategies that need to be done so that this will be executed properly. You need to encourage the applicants to engage with your company.

How Do You Become a Recruitment Marketer?

This may be something that you have always been interested in but you do not know how to begin. Basically, you need to have the right skills and knowledge about marketing so that you can mix it up with recruitment. The more that you read and learn about it, the more that you will understand how to do this properly. If you have a marketing background, the transition will not be too hard. Hope now you know what exactly recruitment marketing is and also the perfect recruitment marketing strategy.