Is it worth to explore tribes of midgard? Tribes Of Midgard is a co-op action-adventure game that has mixed elements of survival and roguelike to it. Team up with up to fourteen other players, and protect your village in Midgard from attacks from the Giants and their evil minions. Struggle as long as you can, and see if you got what it takes to become an amazing warrior.

Become A Viking

Put your skills to the test, and gather different resources, and clear enemy camps to acquire better gear and souls to upgrade your village. After arriving in Midgard, you and your fellow warriors must do your best to protect the sacred tree Ygdrasil, which resides in the middle of the village from evil monsters, and the Giants that will appear. In the beginning, you will start with nothing but the cloth around your waist, and you will need to fight to get stronger and explore the world around you to gather as many different resources as possible.

The currency used in Midgard is souls, and you can acquire them by gathering resources, and by defeating enemies. These souls can be used for upgrading the residents of your village, as an example, the more you level up your blacksmith, the more types of weapons he will be able to forge. Souls can also be used to create certain settlements like a farm, to build gates to protect your village, and most importantly, it also serves as nourishment for Ygdrasil and can be used to replenish its health.

As you progress through the game, you will level up, and gain access to the two classes that are available at the beginning. You can either choose to be a ranger, and use a bow and arrow as your main weapon to defeat your opponents from afar and to boost your movement, or a warrior, focusing on using melee weapons and dealing close-range damage.

There are six other classes, and to unlock them you will need to complete certain challenges. The remaining classes are the guardian, seer, berserker, warden, hunter, and sentinel. Each of these classes has its unique strengths and weaknesses, so you must communicate with your fellow warriors so that each one can serve a different purpose.

Game Modes

Two game modes can be selected, Saga would be the main one, as you must struggle to survive and defeat the Giants before Fimbulwinter arrives. You can either create a world of your own and play only with your friends, or create a world where up to fourteen players can freely join to assist you. If you can survive, you will be rewarded with amazing rewards.

The other mode is Survival, and in it, you can create a world and customize it to how you see fit and see how long you can survive. In both modes, the game will end if you fail to defend the seed of Yggdrasil. Your main objective is to be able to build your defenses and to build a steady supply chain so that you always have enough resources at your disposal.

So if you manage to join a world with other fourteen players, you can divide certain tasks. A group can be created to only explore the world, and activate as many waypoints as possible, while another group can focus mainly on gathering resources and defending the village. In Saga mode, the game is more ruthless, and to be able to overcome all of its challenges, you will need to have a solid strategy.

It is of utmost importance to share all of your earnings with the rest of the warriors so that all of you can be prepared for anything that the world throws at you. You can forge equipment infused with certain elements, as there are elemental enemies in the world. As you explore, you will discover scorching deserts, and freezing mountains, and to be able to survive its harsh environment you will need to be properly equipped with either heat and frost resistant potions or forge elemental weapons and armor. You must not forget to protect your village every night, and you must always keep a close eye on how close the Giant is to your village, and you and your fellow warriors must have a plan in mind to take down the Giant before it gets too close.

Explore Tribes of Midgard

The world is filled with unique enemies and a variety of scenarios that can be discovered. And as you walk through the lands, you will come across enemies’ camps and certain places that seem unreachable. But you build ramps and floors to access all kinds of places. Scattered around the map are waypoints that can be activated so that you can traverse around the world in a faster manner.

In some places, you will not be able to survive on your own, especially if you don’t have the appropriate gear. Certain areas will also have dungeons that can be explored, and while it can be rewarding to explore them, do not forget that monsters inhabit them. So before setting out on a journey, be sure to craft weapons and gather equipment, and it is essential to always have health potions in your inventory. You must be cautious because while Midgard is a beautiful place, any small mistake can prove to be fatal.

Certain events will also randomly take place around the map, and by interacting and completing them, you will be rewarded. While walking through the land, you might also come across certain vendors that will buy your equipment and resources in exchange for souls. So, the whole land is at your disposal, but you must tread carefully.


Tribes Of Midgard is a game that resembles other titles such as Diablo, and Hades, and has a unique twist to it. So, if you love games of the genre, and also have an interest in Viking mythology, this might be the game for you. The game has a lot to offer, and it will for sure provide even more content in the future. So, get your Tribes of Midgard game key, gather some friends and go face the challenges in Midgard, and see how long you can survive! Hope it was helpful and fun to explore tribes of midgard.

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