Windows Phone Recovery Tool Changed by the name Windows Device Recovery Tool. Microsoft is very brave to changing names of own mobile applications. Microsoft has done it the second time. The first name of the application was “Lumia Recovery Tool”. After first change, the name was “Windows Phone Recovery Tool”. And secondly and the newly updated name is “Windows Device Recovery Tool”. 

The new version of this software is 3.0.1 which is called “Windows Device Recovery Tool”. This version provides few more opportunities. Such as recovering devices which contain Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, also Windows 10 Mobile. It provides in-product help pages. This version fixed some unnamed bugs, which we can call improvement of this application. You can root and unroot your android device using kingo android tool.

 1. Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Roll back your Windows 10 Phone to Windows 8.1 Phone

After updating your Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Phone, if you feel to back to Windows Phone 8.1, you can do it using Windows Phone Recovery Tool or Windows Device Recovery Tool.

To do that, follow the steps

1. Collect Windows Device Recovery Tool from a reliable site and install it on Windows Computer. You can download it from here.

2. Start the tool: Windows Device Recovery Tool

3. Now get your Windows 10 Phone connected to your Computer via USB data cable. (It will detect your Windows 10 Phone)




4. Click or Tap On your Detected Phone, it will show “Phone info” page with existing software installed in it and also will show available software including version to which you can roll back your device.



5. Click or Tap on “Reinstall Software”


6. Now click or Tap on “Continue” when you are ready to go (Be sure that you have taken a backup of your phone (contact, SMS, apps) before continuing)



7. After clicking on the continue button, it will start downloading the software package (Downloadable file Size approximately 1.62GB)

8. Once the file finished downloading, your phone will be connected with the tool and the downloaded software will start the installation.





9. After completing the installation Click/ Tap on “Finish”



10. Now close the Windows Phone, Recovery Tool.

Caution: During the process never do the following: Using Phone, Disconnecting USB data cable, Switching off the phone.


2. Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Reset and Recover Windows Phone

 Sometimes your Windows Phone might be Bricked or some software messing it up. You can get aid from Windows Phone Recovery Tool. You can have a factory reset or recover your phone from many critical problems. You can even install Firmware to your Windows Phone by this Windows Phone Recovery Tool smoothly. It is just an amazing tool by which you can solve issues at home.

Resetting Windows Phone

Caution: If you reset your Phone, it will erase all of your data from the Phone. So before resetting it, get a backup of your data.

Follow the steps to reset your Phone

1.Go to settings in your Phone app list

2. Go to “About”

3. Go to “Reset your phone” (2 warnings will be visible)



4. Tap on “Yes” and again Tap on “Yes” to complete reset (within few minutes it will complete the resetting process)

Reset an unresponsive Phone

When the phone is not responding and it’s not possible to reach “Settings” Option; in this situation, you have to reset the phone using hardware buttons. (This method works for Lumia Phones and some others)

1. At the same time “Press” and “Hold”: Volume down Button and Power Button. Within 10-15 minutes it will vibrate the Phone set and after the vibration, you have to release both buttons immediately.2. An Exclamation sign will appear, one it visible, just press the following button one by one serially: i) Volume Up, ii) Volume Down, iii) Power, iv) Volume Down. Now the Phone will reset and after it will take a reboot itself.

Restoring/ Recovering Windows Phone

Caution: Before starting Reset or Recover your phone, make sure that battery of the phone is 100% charged. You must take backup all of your contacts, SMS or data is important for you. Because everything from your phone will be erased. One more thing, you won’t be able to use your phone during resetting.

1. Install Windows Phone Recovery tool to your Computer first

2. Start the “Windows Phone Recovery Tool” software



3. Connect the phone to computer via USB data cable

4. Unlock the Phone (Windows Phone Recovery tool will detect the phone automatically)

5. After detection, your phone will be displayed in the tool for your confirmation



6. Click on the name of your Phone in the tool as detected device to confirm

(The existing firmware will be checked with the latest firmware if available. You can update your firmware here. Even your firmware is updated, you can install it again if you feel some issues with the system)

7. Auto-detection: Click on “My phone was not detected” if your phone was not detected automatically. To complete the phone detection go as you are instructed on the screen. Now phone info with existing firmware version and the latest version of firmware software will be shown. The size of firmware software usually 1.5GB to 2GB.

8. Click on Install button (Depending on your internet speed it deployed within 10-15 mins)

9. After completion of the firmware installation, the phone will be rebooted with the most default settings as a new phone.

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