Do you know how to write Instagram captions that boost engagement?

Instagram bio is a one and complete rule, whereas you can consistently promote several products and services. Also, keep in mind that captions are not so common. It is different, and if you are updating content on Instagram frequently, then you should know exactly how to write captions that work.

What do you think about your business that makes empty captions and a unclear statement? Leave it behind because it is expected, and it will not tempt engagement and tire users. Instead, you must use these tricks to make great Instagram captions.

Capture Emotions with Storytelling

A good story is something that almost every human being can relate easily. So, it would be so effective when you use a caption to tell a story about some photos you are posting. Explain more about how the photo originates. Or is there any event that motivates you to take this photo? Was there something thrilling happened that lead up to the photo?

TED, the public speaking organization, uses the great caption space to announce enthralling stories in lots of their photos and videos of Instagram. With this approach, you can showcase information in detail and make their posts more personal, as well as bring out emotions.

Long Content Form in Trending

You can add Instagram captions up to 2,200 characters long. How many captions are you using with your posts? Most likely, you will be using only a fraction of the limit. Why don’t you use more than that?

For blog posts, the long content form is suitable as well as YouTube videos are more likely to add with it. Think of writing your Instagram captions as a mini blog post.

How to Compose a Strong Instagram Bio

The initial thing that users notice on your page of Instagram is your bio. It should be designed perfectly to clarify how your business is unique and exclusive. For this, you may need lots of followers that can directly impact your growth rate. Buying Instagram followers might not be difficult but you must buy active followers on Instagram platform. So, that all your efforts including composition of a strong bio, fresh content, and all the genuine brand qualities, can have a thorough deal.

Have a look at some of the Instagram bio copywriting practices to start today.

Add a CTA

Do you understand what CTA is? You tell the user to take particular action with a strong and attractive CTA. When you add a CTA in your Instagram bio, it will help you much more than you think, and you are not required to do something. Definitely, you can ask them to follow your brand or click a site URL, but the thing is what they will get from it?

In a popular bio caption, a quick and precised CTA was used, “Shop it.” It surely pushes users to visit the website.

While making a CTA, you need to pay attention to determine what you have to accomplish, for instance:

  • Advertise a direct attraction to approach users on your email list.
  • Get traffic to a product, landing, or web page.
  • Drive users to send you user-generated content to post.
  • Advertise a branded hashtag for users to update.

Once you are done with finalizing your goal, make sure to add CTA slogan to your bio, for instance:

  • Visit this site
  • Enroll with us
  • Shop now
  • Deal it
  • Download now

Additionally, you can highlight a CTA with emojis that can bring us to the next point.

Add Emojis to Enhance Your Bio Copy

Do you know that emojis are more than a language? If you see a solo emoji, you can make up an initiative, sentence, or emotion. That’s why they work extremely well when positioned in your Instagram account bio.

Joanne Hawker is an inspirational designer and illustrator who use emojis to align with each statement, making the points more outstanding.


Instagram is a commanding source for businesses to grab the attention of the audience and drive engagement. Though it is a visual platform, and adding an attractive piece of content can play a role as a backbone for the success of your business. Read more : Also, make sure what does it has for your audience. Add CTAs, together with popular hashtags and make your bio unique.

Similarly, you can boost the Instagram caption by using storytelling and branded hashtags.