In contemporary times, there are so many new social media platforms that communication is becoming easier than ever. Not only can you stay in touch with your friends and family through these platforms, but also share almost everything about your lifestyle with them no matter where you stay. Marketers and people in business in the contemporary world slowly recognize the power of the internet and how it can aid in the industry since millions of people so widely access it. The potential of the internet platforms is noteworthy and more and more entrepreneurs are trying to incorporate the internet in their campaign plans. If you are creative and have a basic knowledge of how the various social media platforms work, you can easily make the most of the social media platforms that you are using.

Instagram marketing and its evolution

One of the top social media platforms that are accessed by most people across the world is the Instagram accounts. There are more than eight hundred million active users around the globe that spent a significant amount of time in the day browsing through the Instagram newsfeed. Such is the demand for Instagram and its various tools that more and more people see it as a potential marketing tool. The multiple features of Instagram are very helpful and ensure that you can conduct business with your followers as well.

Here we are going to highlight the different ways in which the Instagram account can help you with an email marketing campaign. More and more people are relying on this age-old digital marketing technology sine email is still a classic and formal mode of communication that is used by every internet user across the world.

Why choose Instagram?

One may wonder that despite all the other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter why the marketers are choosing Instagram as their first choice. Brands are continuously looking for ways in which they can get more followers from across the world, and Instagram is a great ground for that. The feature allows the users to follow a certain profile, so they can see what they are sharing. Since Instagram is primarily an image and video sharing platform, users can understand the various ideas and concepts that a brand is sharing. From the behind the scenes videos to an advertisement for a newly launched product- everything can be done easily with the help of the Instagram accounts. Since the popularity of Instagram is constantly on the rise, it is a very highly recommended platform for marketing, and more and more brands are opting for creating their business account on Instagram.

Instagram and email campaign

Various statistics and surveys show that Instagram has the capacity to engage more and more followers compared to other platforms. Many people rely on email marketing for their brand. Often they can get the followers through the platforms like Instagram who subscribe to the newsletter after checking the Instagram profile. Also when the followers become aware of the campaigns a certain brand is undertaking at the moment from the Instagram page, they check for further details regarding that campaign through their email. There are different types of campaign that has to be explained and hence email service is an intricate part of marketing.

While Instagram can highlight the e-brochures of your company, the email explains the purpose of the brochures in detail to the interested clients. It has been seen that there is a significant increase in the number of people who are seeking services after going through your Instagram account.

Do not spam your followers

While internet marketing through email and Instagram is a great way to ensure that you have ample Instagram followers who will be interested in your company, spamming them with too many emails every day can have a negative effect on the reputation of the company. There are different things that you may have to share with the followers, but it is important to understand that what is worthy of sending an email as a part of the campaign. Even the most loyal and dedicated customer can feel suffocated and irritated when they get too much email from your end that is cluttering their inbox. Promotional mail should be subtly sent, and the campaign must be done such that your company does not have a negative impression as desperate for leads.

Other forms of marketing

Use different types of marketing campaign methods together to get the best results. While mail campaign is a very common and universally used method, incorporate social media and other such options to get the best results. There are different things which are related to such a campaign, and it is best that you seek the help of the professionals. They can give you the right advice to make sure that you are getting the exposure that you need. The key is to design a proper marketing campaign plan that will be easy to execute and give the best results. The cost of digital marketing is reasonable compared to the exposure and leads that you will get once it is successful.


Email marketing campaign is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing which is still in demand and a classic method of reaching out to target clients. In combination with Instagram marketing, this can be your ultimate solution to getting the maximum exposure you need. It can be concluded that email marketing gives you the opportunity to reach out to maximum people while Instagram gives you an idea about the target audience and followers of your brand, making it easier to filter and target your campaign towards them. Find out how you can use emails for your brand and use it appropriately. Read more: .


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