If you are into instant messaging chances are that you have WhatsApp or Fb messenger in your phone. There are many instant messaging apps these days. The list is endless and so it becomes a tedious task to hit and try each app and then judge for you that which one is better.

The most used app for instant messaging app is WhatsApp with 1 billion active users and the second Fb messenger stands second with 900 million users which is a neck to neck completion. Both of these apps have their own pros and cons.

If you are into instant messaging then this article is for you people. Find out for yourself that which app is better for you.

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger: Platforms and Devices Supported

There are myriad of devices and platforms which support WhatsApp. WhatsApp not only works on the smartphone platforms like iOS, Android, Windows phone; it also works on feature phones like Nokia S40 AND S60. This is not with FB messenger. It is only supported by smartphones.

So, if you are having a feature phone, WhatsApp is definitely a better option.

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger: Privacy

WhatsApp offers end to end encryption which means that messages sent on WhatsApp are only viewable on the sender and receiver devices. This means that no in-between person will be able to spy your messages on WhatsApp.

Facebook messenger has however not announced any end to end encryption which makes it possible to spy over chats by the third person.

So, if you are looking for more privacy and security, WhatsApp is definitely a better option.

whatsapp vs facebook messenger verify security code

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger: Photo and video sharing

Both the apps allow sharing the photographs and videos. Both the apps allow sending them through your gallery, capturing them on the spot or sending them through a third app like Instagram.

The difference comes into picture on the number of photographs which can be shared at once. WhatsApp earlier had a limit of 10 pictures at once to send at once which has been exceeded to 30 whereas Facebook messenger has no limitation as such. However in whatsapp mod like gbwhatsapp application the limit is more.

So, here Facebook messenger is a clear winner.

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger: Voice and Video call

Both the apps allow video and voice calling. All you need is a Wifi signal. WhatsApp detects a weaker Wifi signal and prompts the user to use the data connection (2G, 3G, 4G) in such case. Facebook messenger essentially tries to send and receive messages irrespective of the signal strength. This experience can be frustrating.

However, WhatsApp does not allow making group calls which is allowed in Facebook messenger.

So, if you need to make a call to a single person at a time then WhatsApp is the better option whereas if you need to make a group call Facebook messenger is the better option.

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger: Ability to share contacts

WhatsApp allow sharing the contact number of person with another person if that person’s number is saved in your phone whereas Facebook messenger do not have this facility. You need to explicitly type the number in order to share that number.

So, if you need to share contact then WhatsApp is the better option.

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger: Access to wide range of people

When it comes to the access of wide range of people, Facebook messenger is the better option. Also you don’t need to share your phone number to chat with someone. All you need to do is to make an account on Facebook and you can connect with almost every person available on Facebook depending on their privacy.

WhatsApp on the other hand allows you to send message only to those who are added in your contact list.

So, if you need to access to wide range of people particularly to those whose number is not available to you, Facebook messenger is the better option.

whatsapp vs facebook messenger who can send you message

Whatsapp vs Facebook messenger:  Recalling the send message

WhatsApp has come up with a unique feature of recalling the sent message. The message can be recalled on WhatsApp just after 7 minutes of its delivery to the receiver.

Recalling a message can be understood by the following example. Suppose that you are chatting with 2 people simultaneously. You are A and you sent the message to B which was actually meant for C. There can a problem if B reads that message. You can now recall the message with erase. The message so delivered to the wrong person (B), that person’s receiver screen will be like, ‘This message was deleted’. And the person A will see the text, ‘This message was recalled’. In this way the message sent will be deleted for both sender (A) and receiver (B). So, when you are in the similar problem like A, this method comes to your rescue. This is a really unique feature which WhatsApp has come up with.

Facebook messenger has nothing like recalling a message.

WhatsApp is a clear winner here.

whatsapp vs facebook messenger recalling a message

Final words

Both WhatsApp and Facebook messenger offers similar features with a little difference so it solely depends upon your requirement through which you’ll judge which app is better to use depending upon the purpose of your use.


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