Starting a blog in 2019 is an exciting, complicated, nuanced, yet relatively simple process. Can’t pin it down.

To some, it is an opportunity to fatten their wallet. For others, it’s a challenge; like becoming a media personality. Blogs can be exciting – look at role model bloggers like Emma Chamberlain or Yes Theory.

All fun considered, you will face hundreds, if not thousands competing bloggers in your niche. Like they say about the music industry: anyone can get it – the hard part is keepin’ it.

Get inspired, stand out, perfect your writing style and implement strategies to put you ahead above the others. And to help you, we’ve got some writing tools and tips which you may use to your advantage.

Writing tools:  HemingwayApp – Become Like The Master Writer

A standard error of blogging newbies is over-writing. Blogs are quick reads for coffee breaks; the text mustn’t stray far from the point. You should write boldly and confidently – like Ernest Hemingway.

Oddly enough – there’s an app for that. Hemingway app aims to help you become a step closer to a master of economic writing. Hemingway stood out with his simple and straightforward style and delivery – a perfect recipe for blogging.

If you use this tool for long enough, the writing style becomes part of you. Before you know it, your texts gain a significant level of readability and flow. Start using Hemingway now and put an end to word pollution! …ehm

Writing tools:  EssayPro – Outsource Articles

Experimenting with blogging doesn’t always mean you post your content. If you need to be paid writing on any subject, you may always use an essay writing service. EssayPro is the most trustworthy one, with an adequate payment system and client-writer chat to help clarify any problems.

Although these services provide help with assignments online, you may ask them to write a blog, and they’ll do it. Their articles cost about $12 per page, which is enough to do a quick blog post in four hours.

If you’re looking for paid writers, this might be a better choice than getting freelancers on Upwork. EssayPro picks their writers meticulously and keeps their rating at a 4.5-star average.

Writing tools grammarly

Writing tools: Grammarly – Don’t Waste Time on Grammar

Have you heard the old saying – write drunk edit sober? Yes, it does apply to blogs. That is because blogs are written fast – there is no time to waste. The only thing you’re sacrificing is proper grammar and punctuation. And yes there’s an app for that too.

Most professional bloggers use Grammarly not because they can’t spell. But because it saves precious time and effort. Having Grammarly under your back turns off the naughty perfectionist in you, allowing you to pump out blogs at lightning speed.

Adjusting formality levels helps the transition between writing a relaxed blog or a fancy email. Selecting British English or American English enables you to adapt your style. There are just too many benefits to mention.

Writing tools: Coursera or Udemy – Never Stop Studying

Practice makes brilliance. Another nerdy quote from you – this time from the Beatles – “Learn to swim, and when you learn – swim.”

Coursera and Udemy are great places to take some creative or business writing courses. You get to keep yourself in shape by listening to top professors from like Harvard or Berklee. For absolutely free.

Oh, how many times I used Coursera to save me from boredom. Just when I felt like my writing style had become stale and uninspiring, I took screenwriting and lyric writing courses. These turned my perspective upside down, shoved me in a barrel, and rolled me down a hill. When you study, ideas keep coming.

Keyword Density Checkers – Keep Your Text Clean

Not only do people read your blogs; Google reads it too. But you know that already.

Google is somewhat smart and understands what you’re writing about based on the keywords you use. If you overuse these keywords, Google will misinterpret your text and call you a robot. Yeah, it can be mean like that.

That is why bloggers use keyword density checkers such as Seobook and Georanker. Some do it to remove extra keywords, others to add them. Also, the overuse of words like “you” or “this” doesn’t look good. So do get a density checker and make sure your text is clean and not too pushy on the keywords.

Ahrefs – Analyze Competition and Search Keywords

Although this is a pricey investment, Ahrefs is crucial if you want to keep your website or blog at the top. It gives you access to a variety of professional tools which are only present on Ahrefs. For example – they’ll give you about six million search queries for the word “iPhone,” allowing you to envision countless keyword combinations.

Negotiations Were Short, [28.03.19 11:46]

Also, seeing the traffic estimations of all your competitors is priceless. Gives you a general outlook on who is running their site the best way. Oh and you can see the history of their rankings too.

Ahrefs have this blog article called “9 Things that Only Ahrefs Can Do” where they sell themselves to the fullest. But it’s not a scheme – this site is essential if you seek to become a professional blogger.

Writing tools reddit

Reddit – Be Ahead of The Rest

Reddit is the pillar upon which humanity rests. Everything that appears on the internet appeared about two weeks ago on Reddit. Although most users use it to find dank memes, that’s not all it’s good for.

Reddit gives users a platform to voice their opinion and discuss various matters. From video games to fashion and music, you can get all the latest trends and ideas here. If you write media or entertainment blogs – you’ve probably already gone off this page to start an account.

With Reddit, you get trends first, and you can quickly turn them into content, beating all your competition with fresh ideas ahead of time.

Be Creative – Don’t Copy Others

Looking at other blogs may push you to try your hardest. But the truth is: originality stems from creativity. Copying other people’s blogs and formats doesn’t necessarily mean you’re keeping up with the trend. It says you are not exercising your creativity and talent. Of which you have plenty!

The best way to make your blog stand out is to listen to your heart and be as creative as you can be. Generic advice, maybe, but it goes a long way. Nothing is stopping you from free-writing, brainstorming, and creating your original ideas.

Every blog has a unique voice. And you want yours to have it too.


Working a blog takes understanding the basics of SEO and having some good writing practice. Some blogs rely on heavy promotion to get things off the ground. Others captivate you with stunning imagery and fresh ideas.

But whether you are a rookie blogger or a veteran, it’s never too late to continue learning. Keep your curiosity as your greatest asset, and continue looking for ways to improve your blog. Read books, listen to podcasts and take advantage of online courses which can help you get the best out of your writing.

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