If you are having a website for promoting your business, you must come up by creating SEO-friendly content so that it could have a positive impact on your placement on the Search Engine Ranking Page. In this year SEO would be all about your target audience. If you are thinking of boosting your content marketing strategy and enjoy amazing ROIs, it is mandatory to use effective practices which would be really benefiting them. Content that obtains a higher ranking and drives impressive leads and traffic is supposed to be predominantly user-focused.

Remember if your website is among the top-most options in the SERP, you would certainly be getting more likes, shares, clicks, and engagement. Your content is of no use if it is not SEO optimized and if nobody is able to find your precise page. However, it is pretty challenging to generate SEO-optimized content. A lot of foresight and thought go into creating powerful content. Let us explore some clever tactics and tools for SEO-friendly content which are relevant and fascinating would certainly be found in the top slots on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Create Content for the Right Audience with Targeted Keywords

According to searchenginejournal.com, “Your SEO content won’t reach the right people if you fail to optimize it with targeted keywords. What do I mean by “targeted keywords”? These are key terms and phrases for which your audience niche is actively searching.” In order to identify these SEO core terms, it is important to clearly understand exactly who your target segments are, what sort of information they are seeking, why are they requiring such information and what are the specific keywords used by them for finding the information. You simply need to focus on the key areas such as:

Audience Research

You need to identify the precise target audience that you presume are looking for specifically, the products and services that you are offering. You need to know where they are congregating online. You may survey them or talk to them. Find out more about their online buying behavior, personal habits, demographics, preferences, and related stats.

Keyword Research

You need to identify not only relevant but also, profitable keywords that are associated with your line of work or expertise, search intent of your target audience, and your products, as well as, services.

Topic Research

You need to generate relevant content topics depending on the list of targeted keywords found by you and what your target audience wishes to know or learn about.

Use Sub-Headers & Headlines

Using sub-headers and headlines serve a number of purposes for SEO optimization. First of all, it helps your writing to be skimmable, hence, much easier to read. People enjoy sharing readable content. While using sub-headers and headlines, you end up boosting the keyword saturation.

Incorporate Links into Previous Content

You could boost your old content by adding high-quality links to them thus, enhancing the value and authenticity of your own website. Use of high-quality links could help you gain a higher SERP ranking. Moreover, when you use credible sources very much within your content body, you become trustworthy in the eyes of all your readers. You may use the services of a reliable scholarship link-building service for academic and educational sites.

Optimize Your Pictures

Pictures or visuals are mandatory for making your content shareable and truly fascinating. People would be buying more often from an organization whose website showcases relevant and eye-catching pictures. You could consider optimizing these visuals simply by adding keywords to the picture files and carefully providing the ALT tags. Ensure optimizing the overall size of the picture. Images that are pretty big would be slowing down the site’s overall load time and ruin or hurt SEO. You could consider making the picture as small as can be without compromising either the overall quality or the visibility.

Important Tools to Use

Once you are pretty clear in your mind about the way to tread forward and effectively write your content, you may write, as well as, format your specific content. You may think of using some amazing tools for formatting your content. Let us discuss some important tools for creating appropriate content.

Hemmingway Editor

Hemingway Editor has been one of the top writing tools available for modern content creators and authors alike, but it has a lot of advantages in terms of SEO. By analyzing your content, Hemingway is able to highlight sentences that are difficult for a general audience to read. It grades the content quality and gives you recommendations on how to alter your content to make it not only more readable but also more marketable. This, in turn, gives you a great SEO rating.


Another similar app is Read-Able because it uses software smarts to analyze text content and gives you an overall readability score. It also goes so far as to tell you what kind of audience or age-group might be most suited to the level of the content you have created. It also works with URLs in case you don’t want to feed it the text directly.

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker is an effective tool for scanning your URL address or text for finding out the number of occasions you have quoted each keyword. It’s very effective and helpful in the event you have created an exceptionally long article and you wish to ensure that it is not excessively saturated with keywords. Experts firmly believe that keywords must comprise about only 1% to 2% of your content or text.

SEO Optimization

This is an effective SEO Optimization tool that is helpful in analyzing your URL address, and your website and gives you an accurate overview of all the important SEO Optimization factors. You could consider incorporating a maximum of five keywords that the algorithm would be searching and telling you how frequently each keyword has been used.


By creating SEO-friendly content in this year provided you are using the effective tools and expert tips discussed here. You could go ahead and generate content irrespective of the industry to which you belong and are writing for. Eventually, you should be able to create content that would be liked and shared by users. Remember the audience-oriented SEO content would prove to be a hit favorite in this year. Once you know precisely what your audience is looking for, you would be getting benefitted immensely.

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