Starting a business always entangles expenses, which is a normal thing since initial investments and contributions will pay off with upcoming profits. Creating an LLC is one of the must-have business formation stages and registration costs are among your prime expenses to consider.

Though you can’t avoid state fees varying by the US state, you can optimize the costs by choosing a proper formation service. Affordability is why many customers select ZenBusiness and IncFile.

If you’ve also set your eyes on these two online LLC service providers and wonder which is better for you, we will help you get a clue on their formation packages and which of them is right for your business situation.

What Services Do ZenBusiness and IncFile Provide?

In comparison of ZenBusiness vs Incfile, both companies are solid alternatives for becoming your legal assistants in launching a new business. Both IncFile and ZenBusiness operate via online platforms and provide a whole range of services not only on business formations but also on its maintenance.

They can become your reliable helping hand in registering a limited liability company, corporation, or non-profit organization. Guiding you through the registration process, they also deliver all sorts of assistance in annual reporting, licensing issues, tax services, and developing your corporate style.

In a word, if you know little about the legal side of business formation and want to take off on the right foot, ZenBusiness and IncFile are your confident go-to.

ZenBusiness vs Incfile: Which Offers Better Value?

What does good value mean to you? Is it the quality of the service or the cost of service? Or is it a price-to-quality ratio and value for money? Whatever it is, these providers have it all. Two of the most popular business services online, they offer affordable prices and rich feature bundles.

A closer comparison of IncFile and ZenBusiness, though, does reveal some differences that might become decisive for you. First of all, founded in 2015, ZenBusiness is a younger market player as compared to IncFile started in 2004 and is distinguished by more extensive expertise, with more than 250,000 formed businesses in their portfolio.

However, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that despite a shorter period of activity, ZenBusiness doesn’t lack proficiency and multiple customer reviews give this service high scores.

Where these services differ the most is prices. While ZenBusiness is an affordable option, with their LLC formation packages starting at $49, IncFile is a true winner since they provide a free-of-charge LLC setup. To be more specific, free means at the cost of the state filing fee, paying no added fees to the formation service.

What is even more impressive about it is that at zero cost, you’ll get a whole year of registered agent service. To see how these two companies stack up in pricing, let’s take a look at their formation packages.

ZenBusiness Packages

All in all, Zenbusiness has three filing plans, each coming at a flat rate paid along with the state fee. A Starter Package (at $49) embraces all the filing essentials including name availability search, formation documents registration with the state, and reliable customer support.

Some features that give this ZenBusiness package an edge over competitors are an operating agreement template, free accounting consultations, and a year of registered agent service (with each next year charged at $119). At $149, a Pro package is upgraded with a number of compliance options such as EIN registration, a banking resolution template, and Worry-Free compliance service to maintain your company’s good standing with the state.

A Premium plan ($249) further enhances the Pro package with website development services and rush filing speed to kick start your business within the shortest possible time frame.

IncFile Packages

IncFile comes up with three formation plans as well. Their winning Silver Package is offered at $0 and will cost you nothing but a state fee.

Meanwhile, it covers all the basics you’ll get with ZenBusiness including business name search, filing Articles of Organization, order tracking, online access to our formation docs, registered agent for a year, and unlimited customer support.

On top of that, it covers lifetime compliance alerts for lawful business operations and free professional tax consultation to avoid any tax-related issues in the future. A mid-tier Gold package ($149) adds EIN acquisition, a customized Operating Agreement, a Banking resolution template, and a corporate kit to the basics.

And a Platinum package ($249) further expands the services with expedited turnaround times, a business contract template bundle, and a custom website to work out corporate style from the start.

Which LLC Formation Service Is Better For Your Startup?

While an in-depth IncFile vs ZenBusiness review digs deeper into major company features and significant aspects impacting the customer choice, at a glance, these two LLC service providers are only different in a low-tier package.

Their top-tier packages stand equal in pricing and are nearly the same in the scope of provided services. At an added cost, they offer helpful compliance services and faster filing speeds.

As such, these packages are a good choice for those entrepreneurs who seek turn-key solutions that will let them rather focus on their business growth and are ready to pay for that extra help.

When it comes to a basic plan, IncFile with its $0 Silver package is truly hard to beat. While ZenBusiness is budget-friendly, IncFile is totally free here and will take the lead virtually in any competition with this price offer.

This is a solid choice for LLC startups with a limited budget as well as for smaller businesses striving to save some funds for future development. If you don’t mind spending some time and effort on handling compliance issues on your own, free IncFile filing is a great money saver.

Bottom Line

In the end, it’s up to you to choose ZenBusiness vs Incfile. Anyway, you can rest assured, both of them will launch your LLC business startup in a lawful and compliant manner. These are two top LLC services distinguished by affordable pricing, high proficiency, flexible service bundles, excellent customer support, and a solid reputation in the industry. And we can’t recommend them highly enough.

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