The recent advancements in technology are not only limited to IT businesses, rather every business now needs technology. Starting from purchase order till marketing and sales technology is required at every point. Especially in marketing, businesses have experienced a major shift in methods of promoting products and services. SEO has become the most common one of all. More and more businesses are relying on SEO to improve their reach, brand, and presence.

Till the year 2016, the worth of the VPN market was only $16.15 billion, but by the year 2021, it has increased by more than 30%. Since the pandemic has happened, more businesses are relying on SEO. That is a major reason experts are expecting the VPN industry to cross $92 billion by 2027. When you use a VPN, you can surf the internet without any geographical barriers. This means that sitting in any other country you can surf the US internet, using a USA VPN, as if you are there in the US. It also hides your original IP address and online traffic which makes it safe for you to surf.

SEO businesses are the major support for marketing to all businesses, and a VPN is surely a useful tool for them in many ways. Be it protecting privacy or masking the identity. Let’s see some ways how can be used VPN for SEO, and give you a competitive advantage over other firms.

VPN can be used for local SEO in a different country

The search results of your browser are always different depending on the geographical location. This means if you live in country A you cannot get a search result from country B. It creates a problem for SEO businesses who want to analyze the markets in another country. What is trending there? How much competition is prevailing? Etc all these points are important for SEO businesses.

Some countries have specifically banned certain websites. This means that you cannot visit those websites from that country. This creates a problem for SEO business owners as they need to be updated with global marketing trends. Even using a proxy does not help as it makes the work slower, and your online activities can still be tracked by third parties.

To solve this issue a VPN is very useful. When you will connect to the VPN server of country B, sitting in country A. You will get all the search results as if you are searching from country B. Along with the local SEO features, you will be able to see ads running for that location. With all this, you can easily analyze the market in that country.

VPN protects your privacy

SEO businesses often visit many websites to get an idea of what is trending and attracting users. To do this you as an SEO agency might have to visit a competitor’s website. Doing this too often might bring a problem for you as the agency will come to know about your business by tracking your IP. Businesses often track the IP addresses which are visiting their page too often. By visiting their website too many times you are telling them about your business, especially if you are a new agency, they might affect your growth.

Data privacy is a major concern on the internet. The hackers are always waiting for your one mistake so they can gain access to your system. In the SEO agency if even one system is unsafe it becomes a threat to the whole network of the organization. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you protect yours as well as the company’s data and online activities.

A VPN comes as a solution here because it will mask your IP address with a different one. And it becomes almost impossible to track your online presence. The websites you are visiting can’t track your digital footprints. It also protects your online presence, data, and other activities.

VPN is best to use for remote working through public Wi-Fi

After the pandemic, most of the businesses are being operated remotely. Either few or no employees are coming to the offices. Some have even moved to their home cities in that case most of them are using Wi-Fi to connect to the company’s site for logging in. Some are even using public Wi-Fi; this is dangerous for their own as well as the company’s data.

Ever since the lockdown restrictions have liberalized, people have started planning the holidays as work from home culture has kicked in. It might create a problem for SEO businesses as geo-restrictions may prevent you from visiting the necessary websites. For example, if you are working from China, you cannot use Google’s services.

The solution to both these problems is this: A VPN will keep you safe from the possible threats of public Wi-Fi. As well as the location-based internet searches will no longer remain a problem once you start using the VPN for SEO. From anywhere in the world, you can access any website of any country as if you are physically present there.


Using a VPN for SEO will be helpful in multiple ways. Both for personal and business use it is a recommended tool. Especially for SEO businesses who want to gain a competitive advantage over other firms, VPN is a must. For better-localized SEO operations in a different location, VPN can connect you to the server of that location. It will also protect your privacy and encrypt all your online traffic.

The first mistake which any business makes is surfing using an unprotected network. Due to this the attackers track your data and online activities. VPN is surely the best solution to this as it keeps you safe from all the threats. When the data is encrypted you can safely surf the internet without worrying about the online tracking, attacks, privacy threat and other threats. Both yours and the organization’s data are protected.

So We hope you find the advantage using VPN for SEO.

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