Social media is the perfect stepping stone for raising your local business towards an international customer base. You can promote your goods and services with one click, all while paying affordable rates. You can hire a social media marketing expert and their team to build your brand’s social media presence through expert digital marketing expertise.

However, just like everything good in the world, these experts also face myths and rumors. These rumors can push away budding startups from hiring social media marketing experts. Hence, today we shall debunk a few critical social media marketing myths / rumors that can help brands and digital marketers on the same page.

5 Killer Social Media Marketing Myths

Myth 1: Social Media is Only For the Young Generation

FALSE. If any business is following this code, they are clearly mistaken. Social media is for everyone. It is a welcoming online platform for people of all age groups to share snippets of their lives with others.

In reality, many people belonging to the older generation are already well versed in many such social media platforms. You can find them on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and many more platforms.

The trick here is to create marketing campaigns that can hook all generations with clever appeals and simplicity. Social media marketing professionals can approach all ages with their promotion by integrating the correct tones, colors, and moods.

For example, a bakery promoting their sugar-free choco pies can attract both the younger fitness enthusiasts and the elders who are sugar conscious. Professional marketing consultants can pitch the perfect campaign ideas to turn these audiences into customers.

Myth 2: Every Social Media Platform is Essential

FALSE. Handling too many social media pages for your brand can be a daunting task. It is also costly and can take up a lot of time. Be it a startup or an established business, the correct way is to find social media platforms that have maximum potential in reaching out to the desired customer base.

The trick is to understand the existing audience on the platforms and the nature of the brand to choose accordingly. Social media marketing consultants can conduct these researches to check the platforms with the most traction. Doing so can help save on resources and time.

Myth 3: Social Media Marketing takes away the Essence of Email Marketing

FALSE. Social Media marketing does not affect Email marketing. Both are unique ways of reaching out to a prospective client base. The only difference between the two is that social media promotions have an edge with more advanced technologies and a quicker customer response rate. However, email marketing is still a legitimate traditional way of connecting with customers, old and new.

The trick here is to utilize both. While your marketing consultancy creates a banner for your upcoming discount promotions, email marketing can help reach out to others about the ongoing marketing campaign.

Myth 4: Organic Marketing is Enough

FALSE. Just posting and engaging on social media is not enough. Such parts of social media are free. However, several tools help you enhance your business reach. These are essential for brands to promote their campaigns to those within the customer reach. Paid campaigns are vital for amplifying social media presence. By doing so, you can show the current and potential customers about your recent activities. Moreover, sponsored content on the dashboard attracts clicks, and if you are running a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, it can help create profits.

The trick is to mix organic with inorganic marketing. Various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., provide paid Ads to small businesses that help boost their reach to prospective buyers.

Myth 5: Hashtags Alone Are Enough to Boost Reach

FALSE: Hashtags are a part of marketing campaigns. You need additional profitable resources to make a B2B business garner better visibility. The downside of too many hashtags is the lack of product visibility. A minimum amount of hashtags, with a clever quote and a perfect creative, can attract hundreds more than multiple hashtags.

The trick is to bag a good range of hashtags, around 30, and then club it with creative posts, a sprinkle of paid Ads, and a good engagement strategy.

In Conclusion

It is best to research such surface rumors and keep a clear idea of what works in reality versus what doesn’t. You can do the legwork yourself or consider hiring a professional social media marketing expert who can do the heavy lifting for you. Social media marketing experts prove to be an asset for growing companies or startup companies looking to reach the right audience. Remember, an investment in marketing is an investment in the future of growth. Hope these social media marketing myths will lift your business.

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