“True happiness begins with the happiness of others.”

Do you believe this? Well, I guess you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Humans are always in a constant race to find happiness. It’s that one thing we all want and yet remains very elusive. What is happiness anyway? It’s a form we have never seen. It’s an experience we may or may not have had. Happiness is a simple yet complex idea. There are times when you think you finally have it within reach then suddenly, you lose sight of it. So you have to look for it all over again. Read more about this: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/why-is-happiness-so-elusive/.

So what is this “happiness” people so strongly yearn for? Where can we find it? If we do manage to find it, how can we be sure that it is meant to stay?

How A Fundraising Activity Can Help You to be happy?

Fundraising Activity money

Money, for instance, gives us temporary satisfaction. This feeling is commonly mistaken as happiness. After all, with money, you can buy anything you want. You can buy all the food you’re craving for, all the stuff that’s popular, all the cars you want to ride, and book flights to all the places you want to go visit. But if money really is happiness, then how come the richest people alive on earth look so miserable? How come they’re the first to fall into addiction, depression, anxiety, and other overbearing psychological conditions? Why is it that you rarely see them laugh to their heart’s content when people with little to no means can laugh until they feel like crying? Money is not happiness (read more). It’s an impostor meant to drive your attention away from what is most important.

Beauty is often mistaken to bring happiness too. This is why so many people try so hard to transform themselves to meet society’s standards for beauty. They starve themselves to attain that perfect stick-figure look. Then, stuff up their chests and bums so that they can get back the curves. What they don’t know is that no matter how much they try, they won’t ever reach that “gold standard” of beauty. Why? That’s because the gold standard is a fake standard. It’s not real. It’s photoshopped madness. No matter what we try to do, we can’t achieve what’s unachievable. Then, people turn to plastic surgery and body enhancement procedures to change what they cannot change through hard work and sacrifice. This becomes a notorious cycle that continues to turn with no end. There will always be someone prettier, sexier, or more handsome than you. Chasing what’s perfect is impossible because there is no such thing in the first place. We are all unique and that’s what makes us who we are. I assure you, there is no happiness there.

Fame is also a common deceiver. You would think that if everybody knows you then you will be happy. Sad to say, being admired by many is not the true way to happiness. Everyone can know your name, know your life, but they’ll never know who you truly are on the inside. And that kind of reality hurts. Friends that stay with you just because you’re popular or wealthy are hardly the kind of people you need in your life. Happiness starts with substantial relationships – not with superficial ones.

Authority is the last one on the list but it is still one of the biggest happiness frauds. You may have the world under your feet but that’s not what’s going to make you complete. In fact, people who gain a lot of authority live much more critical lives. Public eyes are always set upon them. They have no freedom to do stupid or crazy things and they have to abide by societal standards at all times. Yes, people know you. Yes, people respect you. But that’s not the kind of relationship that will make you feel connected to this world.

I’m not an expert on happiness or anything but I have a pretty good guess as to where it starts.

It starts when you no longer think about YOU and what will make you HAPPY. It starts where the word “you” ends. It begins with others.

True fulfillment is achieved by making organic and meaningful relationships with others. It is when we make others happy that we feel truly happy. I know it sounds cliché but that’s just the truth. Happiness is something found within and experienced with others. It’s not something you can claim and experience by yourself. By extending our hand to the less fortunate, by doing everything we can to lift each other up during times of extreme need, we add meaning into our lives.

But how can we do it when we don’t have that much to get by?

This is a dilemma faced by a lot of people. They are torn between helping others and securing their own futures. After all, how can you help when you have barely enough to fend for yourself and your family? I only have one statement about this: If there is a will, there will always be a way.

Try hosting your own fundraising activity. Get the word out. Explain your cause. You may not have the means but some people do. And like you, they may be supporting selfless advocacies. You just have to discover a way to reach out to them. For that, I suggest using fundraising tools for nonprofits. For sure you will be able to find a way out by hosting your fundraising activity.

Happiness may have eluded you because your heart is not in the right place. You have the wrong motivations. If you place others above yourself and look for ways that will benefit not just you but people who need more help than you. Then maybe, just maybe, you can find fulfillment.

Find your happiness in others and you will truly find what you seek.


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