Anyway, How AI Paraphrasing tool helps bloggers to write excellent content? According to statistics, more than 58% of readers are inclined to buy a product/service after viewing the original content. This data shows that a business cannot reach new heights, without having its website on top of search engines.

Google ranks content by analyzing its originality and quality. As per studies, more than 200 factors are involved in determining the content’s positioning on the search engine results page (SERP).

Therefore, very often bloggers struggle to write quality content. However, one tool can come in handy for solving this problem: an AI paraphrasing tool.

 Let us understand what it is and How AI Paraphrasing tool helps bloggers to create better content.

AI-Paraphrasing Tool

Powered by AI, it is a tool that is used to recreate any written manuscript. The tool can recreate, rephrase, and restructure writing extremely professionally.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) are the backend techniques upon which this tool works; NLP allows any device to replicate human text or speech.

How can the AI Paraphrasing tool help bloggers?

Until now, we have only discussed the introduction of the tool. Now, let us explain how a helps a blogger to write quality content.

1.      By Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism means copying content from the web. Bloggers use it when they are either suffering from writer’s block or unable to write engaging stuff on a particular topic.

However, it is a very risky attempt. Because unique content is the most important factor in SEO, plagiarized content does not get recognition, nor does it get a high place in Google searches.

 A paraphrasing tool can recreate their initial draft within seconds, with no chance of plagiarism. The central idea would stay the same, but expressions would change.

Let us look at the below example, and see how the free paraphrasing tool works

“To win, one must be ready for suffering and rise above it”

How AI Paraphrasing tool helps bloggers

The red letters show the changes. No plagiarism checker can conclude that it is a copied content.

2.      Better Wording

Every word has its specific aura. When writers do not use the right word in the right place, the blog starts looking dull and unconvincing.  Since blogging is the world of words, there is no room for such mistakes at all.

At times writers use unnecessary words like, in case of, or to, etc., this increases redundancy in your blog.  These filler words or fluffy language hurt the blog as they do not allow the reader to focus on the central theme.

An efficient paraphraser uses artificial intelligence and NLP to understand the context and central theme of the blog. After analyzing, it replaces the words with their appropriate synonyms, so that the message can have the desired impact.

Here is its practical demonstration

“In order to understand a human, you should focus on listening instead of talking”


You can see that it has replaced unnecessary words (In order to, human, should and listening instead of talking) and replaced them with (To, person, need to and listening, not talking ) better wordings.

3.      Eradicating Grammatical Mistakes

A blog should never have grammatical errors. A flawed blog can never attract high-quality traffic. Why would educated people take it seriously if writers were still stuck on basic level mistakes?

The same goes for punctuation, incorrect use of punctuation can alter the meaning of the sentence. That is another error that should be avoided at all costs.

The AI paraphrasers can correct any grammatical error by using their algorithms. The most advanced tools have a separate option of grammar checker, enabling them to analyze the whole document; this makes content 10/10 in terms of linguistic quality.

To understand it, please ponder upon this.

“ america was a super power since 1947.  However, it is not due to military, it  due to its education system”

ai paraphrasing tool free

In the left column, all three grammatical errors (america, was, super power and it) have been rewritten as (America, has been, superpower and it’s). 

Enhancing Readability

This aspect relates to the underlying tone and argumentation in the blog. If the writing is about marketing, the reader should feel the marketing pitch. This looks easy to say, but most bloggers fail to do it.

A major part of it is because the human brain does not have access to all web data, but an article rewriter does. It utilizes this data and alters the tone of the blog in such a way that it becomes more relatable, which ultimately increases readability. The more people read this content, the better it is for the business/services.

The sentence flow is another factor affecting the readability; every sentence should take forward the previous sentence and then give incentive for the upcoming sentence. So that the readers are captivated. In intricate settings, online paraphrasing tools adjust your sentence flow to that of an expert writer.

Final Thoughts

To rank any website on top of search engines, one needs to have quality blogs. Bloggers are humans, just like us, they have their flaws.  Many structural, grammatical errors can occur in a blog. Sometimes, these mistakes are so grave that they can degenerate viewership and rankings.

AI Paraphrasing Tool can become their go-to tool in such situations. By using this, they can write content, which can get higher in Google’s SERP. The tool can make your blogs coherent, structured, grammatically accurate, and SEO optimized.

This is how AI Paraphrasing tool helps bloggers and that is why every blogger should have this tool IN his arsenal.