Ranking a website on the first page of search engines and getting traffic to the same was easy around five years ago. Today, the competition is more prominent, and, sadly, those golden days have gone forever. Today, it is not so easy to rank a website on Google. It always changes its algorithm, and it has become more user-oriented to provide the best results and experience. So, it would be best if you also were user-oriented to rank your website. With that said, here are some of the best SEO tips to boost your website and get it future-ready.

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Top 7 Best SEO Tips

1. Optimize for Featured Snippet

These days, featured snippets are the new normal to get more clicks on Google search page. These days, it is not all about getting the first position in search results. It has gone a step further. Google has added a new feature to improve user experience, where it shows a snippet of content to the users on the search page. This phenomenon is also known as “position zero.” You can grab even better traffic than a website ranking first position by optimizing your content for featured snippets. 

2. Secured websites

Well, having a secured website is nothing new when it comes to boosting traffic. It can work indirectly in favor of your website. People prefer secured websites more than the website, which is not secured, no matter how visually great their content is. Users hate the warning sign on a website. So, they are more likely to bounce off your website, and it will directly affect your ranking. For safe communication, HTTPS protocol is a must as it uses secure and encrypted data. It also builds a trust factor related to your website.

3. Relevant and High-Quality Content

Content is always the king, they say. And it is still valid as content has always been one of the most important factors of ranking. Focus on creating quality content to ensure immense customer satisfaction to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. Google’s algorithm is always on the lookout for quality and most relevant content to match the search queries. While creating content, always avoid keyword stuffing and use keywords naturally. Keep in mind that Google has evolved and can easily catch the keywords’ synonyms.

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4. Mobile and Page Speed Optimization

Website performance is all about speed. People hate websites that take forever to load. They go back and look for the next website. When this bounce rate goes higher, it will drastically affect your website’s rankings on search engines. The key here is to optimize the website speed—besides, Google’s first indexes websites for mobile browsers. So, keep in mind that websites are well optimized for mobile devices. Use the mobile-friendly test tool by Google to figure out whether your site is optimized well. 

5. On-Page SEO

Consider on-page SEO as the engine and website is your car. It cannot move even an inch without On-Page SEO. Here’s what you should do for On-Page SEO –

  • Meta Title – Take your time to choose an attractive title for your page. Make it attractive enough to get the user to click the link in search results. Add the target keyword of your page to the title.
  • Meta Description – Give a short and crisp description of your website’s content in Meta description with a CTA to drive user curiosity to click the link.
  • Headers– Optimize the content well on the page for H1, H2, H3 heading tags, whenever needed. These tags define your page’s structure, and Google bots can easily crawl over there.
  • URL – The page URL should be SEO friendly and must have a focus keyword. It shouldn’t exceed five words and should be short enough.
  • Image Alt Text – Provide more interactive user experience with infographics and images. Be sure to add alt text with keywords for ideas.
  • Optimize NAP – Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) plays a vital role in local SEO. Optimize your website with this information in every page’s footer and header to improve ranking in local search.
  • Use SEO Plugins – Use SEO plugins to optimize your website contents like Google Web Stories and Yoast SEO to gain traffic.

6. Off-Page SEO

After the EAT update is announced by Google, trustworthy, authoritative, and sensible websites get more preference. It would be best if you had a lot of reference links from relatable websites. It denotes Google that your website is highly authoritative and trustworthy. You can do link building, write blog posts, guest posts, share content, and be active in social media. 

7. Voice Search

Improving the voice search SEO is one of the best SEO tips in this ear. There have been significant improvements in technology that have brought positive changes in every aspect, including how users can use search engines. These days, people use voice search to avoid typing a long sentence. Search engines have learned how people speak. A lot of voice searches are limited and are based only on specific locations. So, you should mention the site and address on your pages. 

Bottom Line

As Google is changing its algorithms every year, it’s the right time to change your strategy and update your website as per those changes. If your website is outdated, it will easily be lost in the crowd. So start working today with these above mentioned best SEO tips, your business will stand and you will sustain.

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