If your business is in need of a little boost, you may want to focus on social media marketing! In an increasingly web-driven market, the benefits of social media marketing for your growing brand are immeasurable. Whether you’re hoping to increase sales, reach a new audience, or distinguish your brand’s voice, social media is the fix-all that can help you make those changes.

Most businesses are already making use of some social media marketing strategies, but there are countless ways to increase online presence. Keep reading for a few tips that will help your business reach more people and stand out from the crowd by increasing online presence.

Develop a Clear Brand Aesthetic

When you think of successful social media marketing, you likely think of brands with iconic aesthetics that are instantly recognizable when they show up on your feed. If you want to grow your brand, take some tips from those companies and start developing a distinct look for your brand.

Depending on your business, there are different ways that you can create a unique aesthetic. Whether you choose to create an eye-catching logo with a pleasant color palette or curate your Instagram photos with a clear theme, be consistent and opt for designs that make sense with your business. For instance, try not to switch up your logo’s color unexpectedly or post a photo that doesn’t sync up with your existing theme. While it may not seem like it makes a big difference, your customers will notice that something is off and it will be harder to maintain the image you’re hoping for if you keep making changes.

Post on Unconventional Platforms

Next, you can expand your brand’s reach by posting on various different social media platforms. While it’s essential for a growing brand to have a presence on the most popular sites, you can’t rely solely on traffic from those platforms to bring in brand new customers. Chances are your audiences on each platform overlap significantly. It’s almost like how if you post your engagement photos on Facebook, all your same friends will see them when you post them on Instagram as well.

If you want broader exposure, you should seek out specialized blogs and lesser-used platforms that may connect you with different consumers that have different outlooks on your products and services.

For instance, a platform like Reddit–which allows you to post in individual “subreddits” about specialized topics–might lead you to different customers than Tik Tok would. For an even bigger departure from your typical audience, you may want to post on Usenet newsgroups that pertain to your industry. To try out this alternate network, check out different service providers and try to find the best plan for you.

On these platforms, you can post longer and more informative content that exhibits your brand’s role in your particular industry. With newsgroups, they allow you to actually interact and engage in discussion with other users interested in your topic. This allows you to promote your brand and present your business as a resource for information.

Engage with Your Customers

This is one of the most fabulous way to increase online presence of a brand or business. Finally, social media marketing’s most important function is that it allows you to engage directly with customers. Customer service should be every business’s top priority, so getting to interact one-on-one with customers through commenting and messaging functions should help businesses answer more questions and solve more problems.

One benefit of social media marketing is that customer service interactions can be completed publicly. Oftentimes, unhappy customers will comment on a brand’s post to air out their bad experiences. If this happens to you, your marketing team can respond politely and offer to help resolve the customer’s issue. There’s no need to frustrate or antagonize the customer because remember, everyone will be able to see. And not only will your followers be able to see it but they can screenshot it and completely ruin a reputation it may have taken you five years to build, in three minutes.

In this instance, you’ll want to make sure the original customer can receive assistance and potential customers can witness your brand’s openness to communicate with its customers. Almost like candid endorsements, these interactions lead to more sales and a better brand reputation. It will humanize your brand showing your followers and customers that you’re not perfect and that you make mistakes and that you will go out of your way to correct the mistakes to prevent them from happening again in the future.

With these tips in mind, you can build your brand’s online reputation and increase online presence with ease. Social media marketing doesn’t just help you increase sales–it also helps you improve your business’s credibility and form relationships with customers. At the end of the day, your business is sure to see a spike in performance after implementing these changes!