SMS campaigns (automated text messaging) have become a hot topic of marketing and advertising conversations, growing into one of the quickest and more popular tools businesses can use to communicate with their audience – but there are many uses beyond marketing. Sending mass texts to recipients is an effective way to deliver time-sensitive information, like updates to an event, or relay an important message, like holiday hours, to an audience eager to get your updates.

Text messages pop up instantly on our phones and are usually looked at immediately. Correspondence received via email tends to get put off until later in the day, even getting lost in the shuffle from time to time. While the way in which you should leverage automated texting can differ from industry to industry, the benefits are always the same. You will improve brand awareness, increase your customer base, and build brand loyalty.

Our digital reality means people are using smartphones to post on social media, send text messages, catch up on the latest news, and make their lives easier through seamless accessibility from anywhere at any time. Curious about whether mass texting is suitable for your organization? Luckily, this is a simple one to answer – yes! The versatility of mass messaging, which allows businesses across many industries to communicate relevant and valuable information directly into the hands of their consumers or audience. Here’s how.

Charitable Organizations

For charitable institutions, crafting text messaging campaigns can let you quickly update your recipients on upcoming events, meeting reminders, and thank donors for their efforts.

Property Managers

Emails that contain essential information for your tenants can so easily get ignored. With a mass texting system, you’ll be able to inform them about maintenance updates and events on site.

Staffing Industry

Despite the current unemployment rate, there are more open jobs than people to fill them. Temporary staffing firms use automated text messaging to reach job seekers, and professional recruiters use texting to contact candidates.

Retail Industry

There are scores of ways for retailers to use mass texting for business to keep customers engaged and informed, but also to communicate with employees. From holiday updates to policy changes, retail companies can keep contacts informed.

Healthcare Industry

The ever-evolving healthcare industry can reap a slew of benefits from using mass messaging campaigns. New insurance options, updated practices or regulations, appointment reminders, location changes, as well as many other areas, require facilities to inform the necessary parties of any pertinent information efficiently.

Travel Industry

Whether you’re a car rental company, touring business, airline, or resort, mass messaging is a powerful tool for relaying information about reservation updates and account information.

These are just a few of the many industries that can reap the benefits of improving a company’s bottom line through mass messaging. In a smartphone-dominated world, communicating with your audience through automated text messaging is the best way to leverage today’s technology to market services, events, company changes, or essential information to consumers.


Author’s Short Bio

Ron Kinkade is the successful Director of Marketing at Call-Em-All, an automated calling service, and group texting company that offers solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, membership organizations, community groups, & individuals. Ron own more than 15 years of experience with a proven track record of success. Ron is a graduate of Illinois State University.


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