Cloud Server vs Local Server: Use The Tools Available

The cloud age is here. Design businesses are using cloud computing applications to enhance operations, and the same is true of modern laboratories. With cloud computing, you can decentralize computational needs in a way which substantially reduces operational cost.

Consider this: if you’ve got a lab which has about a hundred on staff, you’re technically in SMB (Small to Medium-sized Business) territory. Now you may have a dozen or more servers which handle the data load for your business. Each of those servers is going to cost thousands of dollars a year.

If you’ve got 12 servers, $10k per year per server (when you include maintenance, installation, upgrade, troubleshooting, space allocation, and professional tech help) may represent a low-end usage cost. Consider: a $3 cup of coffee daily comes to $1,095 a year. Servers are way more complicated than coffee. $10k is underselling the reality in all likelihood.

Meanwhile, if you paid an outsourced MSP (Managed Service Provider) $3k a month as a means of “floating” your network such that it is hosted from the cloud, rather than from internal server arrays, you would save $84k a year on servers alone. The first few months might be costly, but in the fullness of time, your lab expands available resources.


Cloud Server vs Local Server: The Necessity Of Efficiency

With any laboratory, it is essential that you operate at your most streamlined, efficient potential. You’re going to have costs that are unexpected, you’re going to have budget cuts, and sometimes what you thought were your greatest breakthroughs turn out to be your most resounding failures. There’s no way around that, so your best strategy will be to increase the level of financial elasticity your lab has.

Another way to do this beyond the cloud and associated tech involve lab animal management software that expedites data categorization, reducing involved time and complication while freeing you up for more important things.

Another example of means by which you may reduce operational costs and expand effectiveness involves using these example of excel time sheets from Excel works well, but it can be a bear to manage; operating from pre-designed templates can additionally prove to be a substantial time-saver.


The Relationship Of Time And Money

Time is money. If you can cut 10 minutes’ unnecessary “water treading” from your entire staff on a daily basis, for a 100-person team, that’s 1,000 minutes a day. Upgrading to a new computer system could do that. 1k minutes a day across a five-day work week is 5k minutes. If your work month is twenty days, that’s 20k minutes. In a year, you’re looking at 240k minutes or 4k hours.

At only $10 an hour—which is much less than your scientific personnel is worth throughout an hour’s time, but is being used for illustration here—you conserve $40k in time alone. Whether you get the value for that conserved time may be questionable, but you get the idea: small changes can make a significant impact on your business.


Cloud Server vs Local Server: Staying Ahead Of The Competition

Cloud Server vs Local Server

Today’s laboratories are more competitive than ever, and technology increases on itself at exponential intervals. About every 18 months, in accordance with the exponential relationship Gordon Moore, discovered in the sixties, you can expect technology of the computational variety to double on itself.

As a lab, you need to be there when new solutions become available because these will give you greater research ability, and so an increased likelihood of acquiring solutions ahead of competing laboratories.

Beside Cloud Server vs Local Server issue, there are a lot of optimization opportunities out there today, remaining competitively viable requires using those who are most appropriate for your lab. Figure out what said options are, and which are feasible for you to employ.


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