However, all of this can only be possible when the designer or the marketer knows all the important things that create interactive infographics. That is why being a writer who writes a lot on the genres related to marketing; in the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you those ten killer tips that can help you in creating eye catchy infographics.


1. Keep it Tall to create interactive infographics

There is something in the height of the infographics which tends to perform better than those infographics which are wider than taller. That is why every template of the best infographics which you will find on the internet is taller than wider. So the first thing that you have to make sure while designing an infographic is to keep it taller and thin. You can keep its vertical height more than 4 times than the width of the infographics. By keeping it in that way, it would not only make it more interesting for the viewer but as a designer, you can get more space to show your designing skills.


2. Choose the right topic for Infographics

As a marketer, it is important for you to know which topics are right for the infographics to make. You cannot create an infographic on every second topic. Do not get your designer into misery by asking him to design infographic on every topic.  Keep few things in your mind while asking your designer to design an infographic for it. First, you have to make sure that the topic on which you want an infographic is not general and not commonly found on the internet. Creating an infographic on the general topic doesn’t attract the viewer and it will also look like a cliché among other infographics on any website or social media platform. That is why only choosing those topics which are new to the viewers and hard to understand is better to create interactive infographics.


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3. Make it interesting to create interactive infographics

Adding colors or aligning the pictures are not going to help the cause of creating infographics. As a designer, you have to make sure that when someone sees your infographics on any website or the newsfeed of Facebook, he or she finds out enough interesting that it see it from top to bottom. For this, you have to create a flow of your designing. You have to make sure that your design is simple enough that a viewer can easily understand the top part of the infographic and now to get more info out of it, the viewer takes his eyes to the next part of the infographic.


4. Show some talent in the typography

Using bright colors and interesting pictures may help you to get a mood of the infographic and make it easier for the viewer to understand. But if you want to get your viewer indulge in the infographic, then you have to show your talent and understanding of the typographic. The designers know the nature of fonts. Different families of font and typefaces can create a different mood in any graphic. That is why with the colors and pictures, you have to make sure that you are using the right type of fonts that suits your message or information to the attention of your viewer would not divert.


5. Try to go ahead of others

Because everyone now using the infographic medium to communicate their messages to the masses, keeping yourself different and ahead of others is important. You cannot afford to look like others when the motives of your infographics are something else. Start with doing some research related to the topic of your infographic. You will find enough inspiration and material to design a better infographic than others. Pay close attention to the most viral infographics which you can find on the websites like Mashable, Copy bloggers and Hub Spot. This will give you an idea that what is in trend and how you can do better than them.


6. Use CTAs to create interactive infographics

When you are creating an infographic which is tall, then you have to be smart in your writing too. To make a viewer scroll down to read the bottom part of the infographic, you have to add some call-to-actions or CTAs in it. These CTAs can learn more, read more below and find out more.

There are some more CTA’s which you can use if you are creating an interactive infographic. For example, click here, find out how to sign up for more. These CTAs works as the button or link to any other webpage or website through which you can divert some heavy traffic from third-party platform to your website.


7. Work in Series to create interactive infographics

Creating hotspots or buttons to create interactive infographics is not the only way you can make it interactive. You can build a series of Infographic which would not only make it interactive but also keep your viewer on toes to find out what next is going to come. This will also give you some more space to explain those things about your business or product much better in the series of infographic than only one.


8. Make it easy to share

The only way you can reach out the maximum people is to make it easy to share for others. One of the greatest essences of every marketing campaign is to make your audience to share it with others. However getting this essence is not easy and you have to be perfect and on the spot in your content so it makes the people share it. That is why you must strive hard to create your infographic good enough that viewer would share it. However, you have to make sure that wherever you upload your infographics, it must have the share button to at least four or more social media websites.


9. Do not break the design rules

You must have heard your teachers in the designing school saying that you can always break the designing rules while designing something. Well, it is not in the case to create interactive infographics. The primary purpose of an infographic is to educate the people about your company or product. That is why sticking to the basics of design and designing rules is important to keep it clear for the viewer.


10. Keep creativity in the limits

Because you need to make the content of the infographic communicate, that is why you cannot go too creative with your designing. You cannot take a risk of making the design of your infographic complex by using some of your creativity that a viewer has to understand the design first and then the content. Keep this in mind and you will be able to pull out an eye catchy infographic from your artboard.


Author Bio

Liza Stewart is a Master in Literature and does only two things. He writes and writes a lot. With the expertise in writing for marketing related topics and work for the Sammy Dress from which you can get Sammy Dress Coupon & Promo Code 2017 for some exciting discounts.


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