NAKIVO Backup and Replication is an all-in-one solution designed to back up, replicate, and recover VMs and cloud instances. The new version 8.1 changes the traditional concept of back up. It uses Policy-Based Data protection. You can set up policies for the data protection and have the corresponding VMs protected automatically.

How to install NAKIVO Backup and Replication on different platforms?

  • Deploying VMware Virtual appliances in vSphere:
    • The product offers Full Solution, Full solution without Backup repository, Transporter-only, Transporter with Backup Repository, and Multi-tenant Director.
    • Log in to the vSphere web interface and choose Deploy OVF Template from the actions menu.
    • Deploy vSphere appliance with vSphere Client.
    • After the installation, you can log in to NAKIVO and you will get the web interface.
  • Installing on Windows:
    • Installing Full Solution: Simply run the Windows installer and click Install. This will install all the product components (Director, Transporter, and Backup Repository) and you will be able to browse through all. Next step is set up login credentials and login to the interface.
    • Transporter-only Solution: Simple rules to follow before installing the Transporter- The machine should have a connection to the machine which has the Director. The machine should have a connection to the machines with other Transporters. It should have a connection to the Backup Repository. It should have a connection to the server where you plan to backup or replicate. Then run the NAKIVO application with the Transporter-only option and install it.
    • Full Solution Multi-tenant Mode: Simply run the Windows installer and select multi-tenant solution option. You can then log in to the interface.
  • Installing on Linux:
    • Some of the requirements to install NAKIVO Backup and Replication on Linux- on Ubuntu and SLES, it should have cifs-utils, open-iscsi, and ntfs-3g packages. On Redhat Enterprise Linux, it should have cifs-utils, iscsi-initiator-utlis, and ntfs-3 g packages necessarily. You can install the product via a command line. To install full solution run this command – -f -eula-accept. This will install all the components.

Command Line Interface and User Interface

You can use the Command line Interface where the Director is installed. You just have to run the CLI executable on the OS. On Windows, run cli.bat located in the bin folder. On Linux, run the file located in the director /bin. Next thing is to run the available commands. You can also access the Command line Interface remotely. The simpler way to access the product is through the User Interface. Launch the application and you can view all the activities going on in a simple click.

Why Choose NAKIVO Backup and Replication v8.1?

  • They have managed to combine all the solutions of the Backup and Recovery into a single product. With technology evolving, newer versions will be coming up with cooler features.
  • The software is easy to use and understand. The user interface is very simple and a person with minimum knowledge of computers can also use it.
  • They help you to save your money from investing in additional disk storage for the backups. Approximately, 60-70% of the storage space is spaced using their product.
  • The newer version is much faster than the previous ones and the competition out there. Also, the new version is safer and protected from data theft or lost. The new feature of creating a policy for data protection is the reason to trust it more.
  • The employees of the company are motivated and are always there to support you in any problem. There is a helpline and an email to contact the support employees. Also, a section of FAQs is updated on the website. You can get the answers to the common issues. You can have a live chat regarding anything at any time.
  • The most important thing a customer looks for is Price. Price of the product is comparable to the market rates with several technological advancements.
  • You can request a live demo from one of the engineers. Also, if you want to check the product first, you can download the full-featured free trial.

In conclusion, don’t take a quick decision, take a well-informed decision and choose wisely. For any clarifications, you can contact the NAKIVO help and support line. Check the website of the NAKIVO Backup and Replication and get all your answers. NAKIVO is the fastest growing Backup Company and the company has a presence in almost 140 countries till now.


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