Modern students struggle to process large volumes of information and balance it with their private lives. Smart apps will help them to achieve more, perform better, and feel more satisfied.

There are some useful apps for students which are very essential for them now a days. Educational apps make students’ lives easier and more comfortable. They help them to become more productive and better plan their time. Apps can record lectures, compile flashcards for revision or create academic references for books. They wake their owners up in the morning, schedule their fitness sessions, and recommend easy wholesome recipes. The readers of this article will get to know about the most useful categories of student apps. Plus, they will learn the names of the most popular pieces of student software.

Exam Preparation

TCY Exam Prep (Android) is targeted at students from the US and India. It contains information that helps them to get ready for MBA/CAT tests, GRE, GATE, and bank exams. 

Another worthy example is BenchPrep. Its functionality resembles that of a social network. Users can connect with their peers and explore revision materials together. BenchPrep also enables students to track their learning progress.

There are many other pieces of software on the market that help users to prepare for the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT tests. They help to improve students’ performance but do not save their time. Individuals who are focused on maths might be too busy to write essays. In this case, they might ask for professional help.

Experienced paper writers can create any type of text for their clients. Before turning to a professional, students should compare the ratings of platforms that offer such services. They should check unbiased EssayPro reviews by real people. Then, they can concentrate on their priority subjects – and wait until a specialist completes their essay.

best apps for students

Lecture Recording

Lecture recording app is one of the most important useful apps for students. Modern students do not need to put down the lectures in their notebooks manually, word by word. The tools that they should use instead depend on the format of the lecture.

If the teacher uses a whiteboard, students can install the Office Lens app. With its help, they can take photos of the whiteboard and convert them to Word, PowerPoint, or PDF. They can store the data in OneNote or OneDrive and revise it conveniently.

SoundNote (iOS) enables iPad owners to capture lectures in an audio and visual format. It doubles as an audio recorder and a notepad.


The users of GoConqr can create quizzes, notes, flashcards, mind maps, and revision charts. They can revise alone or join their peers. They can collaborate with their classmates or people from any region of the planet.

StudyBlue is focused on flashcards. It creates cards that students can use for revision based on the information from the course. In addition to ready-made cards, students can make custom ones themselves and use them for testing.

The Exam Countdown (iOS) calculates how many days the student has to prepare for each of their exams.

Bibliography Helper 

Writing papers might be challenging. But adding bibliographies to them is straightforwardly tedious. Students need to include large amounts of data in the text and format it properly. Yet if they download EasyBib, it will do the job for them in a few seconds. They should type the title of the book in this app or take a photo of its barcode. EasyBib will create an academic reference for the publication and will adjust it to the required formatting style: Chicago, APA, or MLA.

Waking Up

Getting up in the morning is the least pleasant part of the day for many students. If they install the Sleep Cycle app, it will analyze their sleeping patterns. The application will take into account the time when the user went to sleep and the movements that they made during the night. It will wake them up during their lightest sleep phase. The user will feel more energetic and will be in a better mood.

Alarmy does not rely on sleep patterns, but it features a highly efficient alarm. The user cannot simply switch it off. They need to complete small tasks — for instance, shake their smartphone in a particular way a certain number of times. Or get up, go to the kitchen, take a photo of the sink and let Alarmy recognize it. As a bonus, this app will let its user know the weather forecast.

Time Management

Among useful apps for students, time management app is another important app. The best thing about time management apps is that they send notifications to users. Class Timetable (iOS) and My Class Schedule (Android) look like old-fashioned paper planners and feature a spreadsheet-style layout. The Timetable app (Android) has a sleeker design and is incredibly intuitive.


Most students lack time for proper workouts. They need fitness apps to plan short and entertaining fitness sessions. The options below are high-rated and receive steadily positive reviews.

  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Fitbit (iOS)
  • JeFit
  • MapMyFitness
  • Nike Training Club (iOS)
  • RunKeeper
  • Strava
  • Sworkit

Zombies, Run! deserves special praise because it motivates lazy joggers. They upload their playlists there, and the app adds recorded audio to it to recreate the atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. The user must run from the infected, which is much more fun than just jogging in the park.

To analyze their fitness progress, students do not need to check the reports from multiple apps. They can install Nudge that will store the data on their exercise, sleep, hydration and nutrition in one place.

Wholesome Meals

Thanks to balanced nutrition, students remain healthy and active. MealBoard (iOS) recommends recipes that they can make with leftovers from their fridge. Also, this app facilitates their grocery shopping.

Rockin Ramen (iOS) features a collection of recipes based on ramen.

In food-related apps, students will find lists of healthy snacks that stimulate brain activity and improve cognitive functions.

Final Thoughts

This list of health and educational apps for students was not complete. It contained just a few examples of worthy applications and showcased their capabilities. Most pieces of student software are distributed at no charge. Premium ones often have cheaper or free analogs. Students might want to install them immediately after passing the admission exams. Hope these useful apps for students will save them time, improve their performance and let them enjoy every minute of their college life.

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