Windows update error 80072ee2 is a vital issue for many Windows users. This error occurs during windows update and the error code is 80072ee2. But nothing to be worried. I have made an easy to follow the guideline to get rid of the issue.

Before going through the step-by-step guideline, let us know something about Windows update.

What is Windows Update?

Windows is the operating system by Microsoft which offers a service named “Windows Update”. Windows Update also is known as Microsoft update which is the elaborated version of this service which delivers updates all windows software except “Windows OS”. This service delivers updates for the components of Windows operating system.

Why should Windows users run Windows Update?

Windows update helps to make up-to-date with the updated patches. Security updates block all security gaps in the PC and make your PC safe from hackers or virus infection. These updates also make PCs safe from any affected PC with potential problems are connected with the same network.

As default settings, the Windows update chooses only Critical Updates and Service Packs. These updates the security lacking and big programming fault. When it is essential for anyone to update windows software or driver, s/he should choose desired updates manually.

For a hassle-free best setting, you can just configure the windows update settings to “Automatically download and install any Critical Updates”.

Types of Windows Update

All windows updates can be divided into 4 groups of the update. Let us check them out:

Security updates: This group of the update is selected as default by windows which can be installed automatically. Because they are essential updates. These updates are really important for your operating system to fix and major issue or make the system stronger for malware or other threats. So, never oscillate to install those updates. They are not harmful at all.

Optional updates (Recommended updates/ upgrades): Basically, these updates releases to fix any features, to add any new small feature or driver.

Service Packs: Service Packs includes many updates of Security updates and Optional updates. These updates are mostly required for Microsoft’s Software and Third Parties Software as well. Even it fixes to administrate the software and systems.

Language Packs: These updates are really optional. When essential, you can install any desired language. If you want, you can hide this feature permanently.

Windows update error 80072EE2 solution Step-By-Step

Windows update error 80072ee2 WindowsUpdate folder

Step-1: Go to Windows Registry (Start Run, then type Regedit and click ok)

Windows update error 80072ee2 steps

Windows update error 8024400E solution Step-By-Step

N.B: This solution also effective for Error 8024400A and 8024400D.

 Windows update error 80072ee2 SoftwareDistribution

Windows update error 8024400E steps

Now try to update windows again.

WoW! The Windows update error 80072ee2 has gone! Windows is updating!



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