In this digital age, almost everybody has an email address. With more people online, businesses are also online and email marketing is an integral part of this process.

Now, the question comes to the mind what is email marketing? A company uses the list of users and potential users to market their products. Email is used as a medium to impact consumers in various ways. Now, any digital marketer’s job is to collect as many as emails he/she can.

But they don’t know the quality of the bulk emails they are collecting. You have to check whether the subscriber is real or not, interested or not. This is where the importance of Bulk Email Verification comes in the picture and we at Email Checker take verification very seriously.

Bulk email verification is performed through the email validation services. This process consists of several steps

    • The first step is to check the syntax of the email address. This step removes the email addresses which are not correct according to the IETF standards.
    • Next step is to check Domain/MX records. The DNS entries of an email address need to be verified. If an MX entry is missing or domain is invalid, this process blocks the corresponding email address.
    • The third step is to detect the role-based accounts. You should not be sending emails to role-based accounts like info@, sales@, admin@, etc. It affects your deliverability and sometimes you can be blacklisted by the ISPs. This step detects this type of email addresses.
    • Detection of Disposable Email Address (DEA) is the next step. Disposable emails or junk collector email addresses are detected. These are generally used to bypass the login forms which asks for valid email address. For example –
    • The fifth and important step is Honeypot/Spam trap detection. This step detects BOTs, honeypots, spam seeds, or bogus email addresses. The detection is done by checking the addresses in the list against the known list of email addresses.
    • A DNS-based blackhole list (DNSBL) or Real-time blackhole list (RBL) is a list of IP addresses used for spamming and its detection is very important. Otherwise, the emails will not reach the destination and will be dropped. This can also be used to trap spam networks.
    • Final verification comprises of SMTP verification. A deep and extended verification is performed on every email address. The address is pinged and verified for mailbox existence without sending an actual email to the inbox.

Bulk email verification is like a layer of security to your email database and marketing. You have to clean your email lists because it can affect your sender score. Sender score is important for a digital marketer and it determines whether you are worthy of the inbox or you will be filtered to the spam folder. Higher is the score, good chances of getting into the inbox of users. Bulk email verification helps you increase your sender score. Some of the features of email verification are as follows:

  • Elimination of Hard Bounces: Hard Bounces occur when an email address no longer exists. While collecting, users might enter a fictitious email address or the address was discontinued by the user after some time. You need to clean your database regularly to avoid Hard Bounces and increase your sender score.
  • Syntax and Format checking: Every email address has to follow a certain format or syntax. For example, checking whether it contains ‘@’ symbol or not. Our tool ensures this criterion is met.
  • Domain checking: One has to check whether the domain in the email address is valid to receive emails or not.
  • Removing unengaged users: You have to review your email list regularly and remove the unengaged users. If a user has not opened any emails in the past several months, you have to remove them from your list. In this way, the risk of spam complaints and hard bounces is reduced. Our bulk verification platform regularly checks for such defaulters and reminds the marketer to remove them from the list.
  • Elimination of Soft bounces: If the recipient’s mailbox is unavailable, overloaded, or under maintenance, a soft bounce can occur. The customer might temporarily bounce the incoming emails. Best way to avoid soft bounce is to send the emails to verified consumers only. The goal is to be in the inbox of the customer and not in the spam or junk folder.

Advantages of using Bulk email verification on Email Checker

  • Service Uptime: Our API and all the other services are available 24*7. The distribution of the servers is the secret to 24*7 availability of the services. The accuracy and 24*7 availability are possible due to the use of cloud infrastructure.
  • Fast Verification: The one thing which matters is the speed. Everyone seems to be in the hurry and we understand the need of it. You can verify bulk of emails or a single email in an instant using our services.
  • Integrations: One has to realize that different marketer needs different integration options of the services. We understand this fact and provide certain features or the services which are required by the clients.
  • Diversified Platform: The platform is compatible with all the major email service providers. The platform is optimized to work with AOL, Gmail, and various major email providers. The verification is quick and provides better results.
  •  Error Correction: To remove certain errors like spaces and slashes, an API is used and it is very effective and fast.
  • Great Pricing Plans: Our pricing plans are competitive and offer great values.

The ultimate goal of a marketer is to reach the inbox of the consumer or the potential consumer. Using the services at Email Checker you will be made sure that your email reaches its destination and your business will flourish. We are compliant with almost all the major Email Service Providers. You can connect these services with any email service provider and you will not regret it. You can create custom lists and upload it to verify the addresses and common spelling mistakes can be corrected easily. With few simple, fast, and effective steps you will get a fully verified list of email addresses. What are you waiting for, create a verified list and fire the emails? Customer satisfaction is the motto of Email Checker.


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