The advent of smartphones has made our life a lot simpler than it was in, the 90s. It is no longer part of the luxury clan; from office to booking flights, you need it everywhere. Most smartphone users face issues with the phone’s battery; after some time, the battery performance declines dramatically. As per two communication papers issued in 2014, the lithium batteries charge our phones scour down over time.

Getting a new device is not always the solution. Saving up while enjoying some extra time is not a bad deal. When talking about saving, do not forget to take phone insurance. Here are 10 tips to boost or increase battery life of your device’s

Tips to enhance/increase battery life of your smartphone

1.     Go on Power saving mode more often

This tip is the most obvious of all; however, you don’t turn on power saving until your battery is on the verge of dying. Most smartphones offer a feature that enables users to turn on power-saving mode automatically after the warning percentage. You just need to click on device settings and go on the battery to turn it on.

Apple’s ‘low power mode’ automatically turns on Power saving when the battery reaches 20%; otherwise, you can click on settings to manually turn it on. Do not forget to buy iPhone insurance to avail free of charge of replacement or reimbursement.

Pro tip- Turn on power-saving mode while you are sleeping or not using it. This helps your battery to stay intact for a more extended period.

2.     Put off Wi-fi and Bluetooth when not using 

Bluetooth and Wi-fi take-up a lot of charge, so if you are not using them, try turning them down. As your device will drain the battery unnecessarily, while attempting to pair or find a reliable connection. Next time when you step out of the house, do not forget to turn off your wifi to save battery while you are out. 

Easily manage your WiFi and Bluetooth usage from the quick settings menu on every Android device, so extended/increased battery life is just a click away.

3.     Use Wifi when it’s available

This is not a contradicting statement, but an obvious option, use wifi when it’s available. The reason behind this statement is that wifi connection consumes less charge than a cellular connection. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for Wifi while visiting any cafe or your friend’s house. It will not only help you save some cellular data but also boosts battery life.

4.     Switch on the Airplane mode

Battery about to die? Switch on airplane mode to instantly extend increased battery life of your phone. This will turn your device off, and most of the features of your device won’t work. Features that don’t work include Wifi, Bluetooth, calling, social media, and more.

Whenever you want to use any feature, switch off the airplane mode and enjoy the services.

5.     Keep the brightness at minimum

One of the significant culprits of battery damage is the display: whenever you switch it on, you lose your valuable battery. The only solution to this is to lower the screen brightness and keep the screen lock to a minimum time frame. Many smartphones automatically adjust the device’s brightness according to the current lighting; if your device does not offer this feature, then manually fix it. A few moments of extra phone time can save you in crisis, so keep the brightness low all the time.

6.     Use browser instead of the FB app

The most used app Facebook is undoubtedly the giant battery hog of all time. However, you can miss out on the app but not the fun, by using FB on your browser or chrome. People go for the app version for quick login; you can do it with the browser too. All you need to do is add it to bookmarks or keep it as a home screen icon for instant access.

App uses a lot of battery as it needs to run at all times, while the browser only uses battery while using. So, a browser will be a safe bet if you want to extend your device’s life.

7.     Turn on location tracking only when it’s needed

Only specific applications need your location to function like Google Maps; others don’t. Besides, location tracking’s security concern, switching off location will help you keep your phone charged for a brief period.  In android devices, go on to settings and privacy to selectively see and turn down access. The same happens in iPhone too.  


Extending battery life of your device’s is not at all tough if you know the tricks and tips of using a smartphone. To keep your device’s battery intact, always switch off your phone while charging and restraint from overcharging. To ensure longer battery life, charge your device up to 90% and not let your device run out of battery every time, before you plugin.