App Academy Review: About App Academy

App Academy (AA) is a software development Institute / School that drives people to their expectation from the education. The App Academy Review will be discovered here. AA organizes many courses on Software development. They provide a pretty interesting course of 12 weeks on Coding. After completion of this course, they arrange a job replacement program. A survey result says that 98% of graduates are placed in software development job at $105,000 of the average salary in San Francisco, also $89,000 of the average salary in New York, USA. Till today, the number of trained people around 100,000 from this App Academy.

App Academy is offering an outstanding course of 12-weeks which is a Web Development Course focused on Ruby. These courses are available at two campuses in San Francisco & New York. This course requires around 90 to 100 hours per week. All 12 weeks of this course divided into two parts. The first part consists of the first nine weeks, which are reserved for web development learning with different languages. And the second part includes the last three weeks, which are focused on job searching curriculum including algorithms, interview skill development, technical skill development, etc. After completion of this course, each trainee gets a real-life successful project portfolio for submission to prospective employers. It helps a lot to get the perfect job.

The course curriculum mainly based on the hands-on training. The whole course consists of 90% of practical project-based learning and 10% of theoretical lectures. This course encourages to share the coding knowledge which makes the learning more social. This course entirely focused on HTML/CSS, SQL, Algorithm, Data Structures, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and React/ Redux.

App Academy Review: App Academy Cost

In this App Academy review, we would love to mention that the innovative deferred payment plan of this course is the most exciting part. It means a trainee is required to pay the tuition if S/he secures the job after ending the graduation. The deferred pricing model covers an amount of $5,000. This amount is refundable, and it enables the opportunity to attend the classes and take the course. If a trainee secures a job, then s/he has to provide a placement fee.

Beside this payment plan, App Academy has two more payment plan:

  1. Upfront payment plan
  2. Hybrid payment plan (This plan made from the combination of deferred payment plan and upfront payment plan)

App Academy Review: How to get into App Academy

If anyone interested to get admitted to the App Academy Course, s/he has to go through the following process:

  1. Submit an application
  2. After that, an email will be sent to your mailbox with 1st coding challenge resources
  3. After completing the 1st coding challenge, you will be suggested to participate in the 2nd
  4. Face a technical interview
  5. After these steps, you will get the admission decision within two days.

For newbies, App Academy guides (provides materials for preparatory learning) to prepare for the course.

To start an application Click Here.

There is a Prep Program named “AppAcademy’s Bootcamp”. Anyone can take this opportunity to increase their admission scope from 2% to 40%+.

App Academy Review: App Academy Location

App Academy has 2 Campuses. One is in San Francisco, and another one is in New Your City. The location of these two campuses is “160 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94105” and “9th and Broadway, New York, NY” accordingly.

App Academy Review: Course

Mainly there are two courses available on both campuses.

  1. Full-Stack Web Development

In this 12-weeks full-stack course you will learn Algorithms, HTML, CSS, Design Principles, jQuery, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL and as well as UX. There is 40 trainee for each class.

  1. Bootcamp Prep (Bootcamp Prep Online is an extra opportunity for them who can do it online)

App Academy Review: Curriculum

The course curriculum of “Full-Stack Web Development” is as follows:

1st Week

“Ruby” with “Object-Oriented Design” (Basic & Intermediate level of RUBY, Object Oriented design, File I/O, Data Structures, Basic level of Algorithms and Quality of Code)

2nd Week

“Ruby II” and “TDD” (Advance level of Object-oriented design, Test-Driven Development with RSpec, Computational Complexities, Intermediate level of Algorithms, Advance level of Data Structures)

3rd Week

“SQL” with “AR” (Basic Querying, Joins & Associations, Aggregate Functions and Sub-Queries, Schema Design, ActiveRecord)

4th Week

“The Web” with “Rails I” (HTTP and API Consumption, REST, MVC Architecture, Basic level of Routing and Full User Authentication)

5th Week

“Rails II” and “JavaScript I” (Metaprogramming on Rebuilding Rails, Request-Response Lifecycle, Cookies and Sessions, Basic and Intermediate level of JS, JS Closures with “this”)

6th Week

JavaScript II (DOM Traversal and Manipulation, CSS, Prototypal Inheritance, jQuery + AJAX and Event-driven Programming)

7th Week

“React” and “Redux” (Client-Side MVC, Interface Creation Using React, State Management, Redux Architecture and React Router with Single Page Apps)

8th Week

Full-Stack Projects I (Project Design & Architecture, Guided Application Development, API Usage, Application Deployment and CSS Design with Bootstrap)

9th Week

Full-Stack Projects II (Includes: Background Jobs, Cloud Asset Management, JavaScript Library Integration, Web Application Architecture and Google Maps Integration)

10th Week

“Job Searching” & “Portfolio Building” (Front-End Projects, Back-End Projects, Resume & Cover letter Prep and Interview Prep with Techniques)

11th Week

“Algorithm I” with “Interview Prep” (Salary Negotiation Workshop, Technical Interview Workshop, Coding Challenges, Pointers with Dynamic Arrays and LRU Caches with Heaps)

12th Week

“Algorithms II” and “Hiring Day” (Sorting Algorithms, Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Graph Algorithms and Hiring Day)

N.B: For the current status of available courses, you suggest to contact to App Academy.

As an extra, occasionally there is some scholarship available in the App Academy. So, if you are interested in it, contact App Academy and check your eligibility for the Scholarship Program.

app academy review best 3 reviews


App Academy Review: Pros and Cons

Comparing other popular Development Bootcamps, App Academy course also has some Pros and Con’s. Let us check in this App Academy Review.


  1. App Academy spends more than enough time for developing algorithmic thinking
  2. This full-stack development course teaches not only Object-Oriented Programming but also Social Programming
  3. You learn everything practically with in-depth digging in this course
  4. App Academy knows the Companies are looking for experts, so there is huge chance to be hired if you can be confident enough about your expertise
  5. Awesome trainer staff


  1. The curriculum of this Full-Stack Web Development Course covers fewer materials on CSS.
  2. Huge things to learn a limited time. So, you have to run fast with this course and learn to remain up-to-date and complete this course successfully.


Must keep all materials with instructions in your handbook. It will help anytime you forget anything.

Final Words

In this App Academy Review, we described detail about what App Academy do and how they do it. If there any new update from App Academy, you can let us know in the below comment box to update the article as well. Thank you very much for being with IT Phobia. Do not hesitate to Contact App Academy.

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