Windows phone parental controls are one of the best features among many features of windows phone. The Internet is a dangerous platform. I am serious! I know about all pros and cons of internet technology. So, I understand it well. An adult person can decide perfectly what is good and what is bad for him. But when the question about a child, stop! You have to think for him. Children have many inabilities.

Most of the time they are unable to choose the correct thing. Using the internet also happening the same thing with them. So most of the brands put a feature called “Parental Controls” on their devices. With this feature, parents can control apps and game downloading in their children’s Windows PCs, Xbox, and mobile devices. This control will act as a defender from the dark area of the internet. You can limit the access or completely disable the access.

Today, we will learn how to setup windows phone parental controls. (It is essential to inform you that some models of windows phone has the parental control in their settings and some are not.)

Windows Phone Parental Controls Step-by-Step Configuration

Step #1 Take your windows phone and switch it on if it is not. Then swipe a finger on the home screen from right side to left side. It will bright the “Start Menu” on your device screen.

Step #2 Now search for the “Settings” icon by scrolling the page. Once you find it then “Tap” on it.

Step #3 “System Group” will be visible. From the system group find “kid’s corner” and “Tap” on it to setup “kids corner”.

Step #4 In the “kid’s corner” settings page there is a small description of it, you can read it for more information. At the bottom of this page see the “Next” button and tap on it. By tapping it will enable the “kid’s corner” with Games, Music, Videos and Apps options. These all options will appear on your mobile screen.

Step #5 Now select your desired option to control for children. For instance, select “Apps” to permit or prohibit apps for your child. The apps list will be visible to you, now select apps you are intended to permit and tap on “Tick” button at the bottom of the page. It will store your selections. By the same way, you can permit or prohibit Games/ Videos/ Music as well. When you are done with your selection go to the bottom of the screen and “Tap” on “Next”.

Step #6 It will drive you to a password page, now Tap on set password then put desired password, again input the same password to confirm and press “Done”.

Step #7 Wow! It’s done. Now time to complete “kid’s corner” setup by tapping on “Finish”. This setup will allow you to access “kid’s corner” right from your lock screen. For that, just slide the lock screen from right side to left side. Kid’s corner page will be visible to you. This is how you can complete setup “kid’s corner” for setting up parental controls.

Windows Phone Parental Controls for Windows Phone 8

For Windows Phone 8 still there is no parental controls option. So you cannot control sites from your children’s smartphone. So how parents will control their children’s smartphone using when parents use Windows Phone 8? No worries! There is a solution. Microsoft enabled a web-based feature called “My Family”. Using this feature parent can control their children’s smartphone.

There are some important issues you must know about My Family as follows:

i) The smartphone your children use must be the smartphone using Windows Phone 8. Because “My Family” feature does not support older version than Windows Phone 8.

ii) For the parent account and children, account must be Microsoft account.

iii) To control Xbox games, you have to control from Xbox website by accepting their own Terms of use.

iv) If you stay in the USA and your child is below 13 years old, you have to pay a little fee. It confirms that you are mature. Read more here.

Configure My Family and Windows Phone Parental Controls

Step #1 As the first step go to this My Family Page. When the page opened to you, Click on “Sign in” and get signed in with your Microsoft account. If you do not have any Microsoft account, there is an option for you to create a new Microsoft account. For that click on “Create New Account”.

Step #2 After signing in you will see the Family Page which offers you to “Add a child”. Click on “Add a child” and it will require the email address of your child. If your child has no email address click on “Create a new email address for your child” and create a new email address. After creating put the email address on the “Add a child” page and click on “Sign my child in”. You will be taken to the page called “Join the family as a child”. Click on “Yes”. The Child account will be added to your family.

Step #3 Now add the device to your Microsoft Device list. It will allow you to use “Find my


To add devices to My Family follow the instructions:

> Go to “Devices” from the Microsoft Menu.

> Now click on “Add a device”. It will be shown Add more devices page.

> Now go to your windows phone “Settings”

> Press on “Email + accounts”

> And Tap on “Add an account”

If you face any type of problem to add the device, simply reset the phone and repeat it again.

Step #4 Link the child account. For that, log in to the Microsoft account of your children. Then check it’s inbox. An invitation mail will be received from the parent account. Now open the invitation email and click on “Sign in and Accept.” Now the child account is added to the parent account.

Step #5 Now login back to the parent to manage downloads of Child account. After login to the parent account, Go to “Your Family” section and Click on child’s “Device/ Account”. It will take you to the settings page of your Child’s device. In the “Overview” section it will show you two settings; 1. Windows Store and Games restrictions, and 2. Phone downloads. In these settings, you can manage your children’s downloads.

Step #6 Now manage “Xbox Live Games” for your children’s device. For that, go to the Xbox Live Games web page and sign-in with your child’s account. To continue it will offer to create a Xbox profile. Just follow the instructions and click on “Accept” to complete the profile. Now it will ask to add parent account email. Type the email in the specific field and click “Next”. Now log out from the child’s Xbox account and login to the parent Xbox account. It will show the Xbox account creation page. Here you just click on accept, it will take you to the page called “Default family settings for your child”. Now click “Done” to finish the setup.

So, finally, you can configure your parental controls and manage children’s download. If there is any question, do not hesitate to comment. Learn about Windows Phone Pros and Cons from here.

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